How To Get Eliminated First On Hell's Kitchen, According To Reddit

So, you've landed a coveted spot on Gordon Ramsay's successful reality cooking competition, "Hell's Kitchen." Yay, you. There's just one problem. You can't wait to escape. You've only cooked one dish and the outcome was disastrous. Ramsay spat it out, calling both you and your failed attempt an impressive collection of four-letter words. Your team members are gunning for you, and you're more than just a wee bit homesick. 

"Hell's Kitchen" is not for the thin-skinned. It has been the setting of some of Gordon Ramsay's worst insults ever, and that's not all. The show's executive producers Arthur Smith and Kent Weed told Delish that the contestants' workday begins at 7 a.m. and they don't get to bed until 2 a.m. and they still have to cook themselves something to eat. They also explained that the competitors must stick with a few rules: "no calling home, no television, no outside world." Escaping to the privacy of your room is not an option either. As The Things reveals, the "Hell's Kitchen" dorms are like tiny "army barracks" that are shared between as many as five strangers. All this stress can have a serious impact on one's mental health. In fact, the New York Post points out that after someone is eliminated, they are given a psychiatric evaluation to ensure they aren't suicidal or homicidal. If you're deemed mentally fit, you go to a "beautiful house" for some pampering. Who can really blame someone for wanting to make a quick exit?

Reddit recommends serving up a Lean Cuisine

In order to best understand how to get kicked off "Hell's Kitchen," it's a good idea to determine what makes a great chef in Ramsay's eyes. He once told HuffPost that great chefs possess a finely-honed palate and can "maximize an ingredient." They also know how "to make edits on the plate." Perhaps a complicated mess that overpowers the key ingredient might do the trick. Fans on Reddit, however, have some much more creative ideas. 

When u/captainswagswag9 asked r/HellsKitchen "What would you do to get eliminated before the first service?" the responses poured in. Some of the suggestions included offering up a Lean Cuisine as your signature dish, calling the ingredients and equipment by the wrong names, microwaving everything, and constantly using a meat thermometer. You can almost hear Ramsay's head exploding. One recommended sleeping through dinner service, while another offered up constantly mentioning the cameras. U/swellaprogress confessed, "I wouldn't need to do anything special; it would happen naturally because I'm a terrible cook." These sound like surefire ways to put an end to your stay at "Hell's Kitchen" and your subsequent suffering. Goodbye cramped dorms, sleepless nights, and verbal abuse. Hello home sweet home. 

Just remember, whatever action you take will be immortalized on film for eternity and it is likely that everyone you know will see it. Do you forever want to be known as the one who served Chef Ramsay a Hot Pocket?