The Disturbing Dunkin' Mistake That Workers Didn't Apologize For

We all recognize the slogan "America Runs on Dunkin'." Since its establishment in 1950, Dunkin' Donuts has been serving an average of 1.9 billion cups of fresh, delicious coffee every year throughout 45 countries around the world. With its long history, of course, there was bound to be some learning curves and mishaps along the way. Throughout the years, the popular coffee chain has undergone several scandals, including a suit by New York state due to security breaches, being accused of using fake ingredients, bribing a politician, violating labor rules, and overcharging customers.

And, as with any large chain that spans the globe, a few bad cups of coffee or sour donuts served to its customers is not unfathomable. Usually, when a customer is unhappy with their order, it's standard practice to quickly apologize and make a new drink or food item, issue a refund and go on with your day. Seems easy right? Apparently, not for Dunkin'.

A smoothie with a blended glove

America runs on...gloves? Imagine casually strolling into Dunkin' to treat yourself to one of their fruit smoothies only to find a plastic glove in your drink as you're drinking it. This actually happened to one TikToker who posted a video recounting the tragic and disgusting mistake. Even worse? While getting a blended plastic glove in a drink is one thing, he said the workers didn't even apologize or issue him a new drink to replace it since there wasn't a manager on shift. Yeah, we are jaw-dropping over this as well. 

Apparently, the Dunkin' customer had to go back into the restaurant the next day to explain the situation to the manager to get his $5 refund back. While it's obvious this is a terrible health hazard, it certainly was a choking hazard, too. "Okay but why didn't she make you a new one at least? I know ppl who will get a new one made when they're coffee is wrong never mind a health hazard," said one TikToker. This guy might have a decent lawsuit on his hands if he wishes to pursue Dunkin' for this mistake that they failed to apologize or make right at the time of the incident. This is a far cry from the wholesome Dunkin' story that warmed the hearts of Redditors.