The Soy Latte TikTok Is Calling 'Cursed'

If you're one to enjoy a little more milk and a creamier consistency in your coffee, then you probably enjoy lattes. Directly relating to "coffee milk," lattes can give you a little extra caffeine boost to your day with a more milder flavor and often times with flavorful, Instagram-worthy foam art. According to Refinery29, lattes are actually the most popular coffee drink in the United States with more than 67 million lattes sold each year, so we definitely don't blame you for your early morning or late afternoon coffee cravings.

From adding lavender syrup in your latte to even making it at home without a fancy espresso machine, we'd like to think that we know it all when it comes to lattes. Recently though, one thing caught us off guard and made us do a double take surrounding our latte knowledge. The Cursed Soy Latte. Sound scary? It kind of is.

An actual soy sauce latte

There's nothing quite like a freshly brewed and stirred cup of soy sauce. Say what? In a recent TikTok video posted by Golden Brown Coffee, you can actually practice latte art at home without wasting your precious coffee. The video calls it the "cursed soy latte" because it's made with two simple ingredients that mimic the consistency and look of an actual latte: soy sauce and dish soap. 

The video first shows filling up your milk jug with water and pouring one drop of dish soap in it. Then, add soy sauce to your coffee cup and your "steamed milk" concoction of dish soap and water, pouring into the soy sauce like you would with an espresso. If you've gotten this far, you can actually practice latte art with the fake steamed milk, allowing new baristas to practice the concept without wasting actual coffee. "Forbidden latte," commented one user. "Also a good way to prank someone," another user mischievously stated on the thread. 

"Instead of wasting coffee and milk – waste soy sauce and soap," another person said. While we do understand the intention behind this video, we'll pass on the taste test of this latte.