The Five Guys Joke That People Can't Stop Sharing On Twitter

You know your business has made it when folks on Twitter turn it into a meme. In 2017, social media had a blast roasting Cracker Barrel when a man took to the company's Facebook wall asking a simple question: Why did you fire my wife (per Know Your Meme)? This kicked off years of jokes and hashtags such as #justiceforbradswife; even today, the restaurant's Twitter account can't post anything without a flood of comments such as "Brad's Wife loved pancakes and mimosas," and, "Brad's wife never got to daydream."

What's more is that the restaurant never once responded to the jokes, which may or may not have been in its best interest (via Hoyden). In order to manage negative social media attention, your business needs to have a professional team that replies quickly. If not effectively done, another company may benefit from your downfall. According to 2 News Oklahoma, a Chick-fil-A in Amarillo changed their store sign to read "Now Hiring Brad's Wife!" Sometimes though, the memes aren't negative at all, as is the case with a recent Five Guys joke.

It serves a ton of fries

A Twitter user posted a joke last week referencing french fry quantities at Five Guys restaurants. The Tweet read, "Five Guys when you ask for medium fries," and included a short video of a large trunk transporting and dumping hundreds of potatoes. Comments included "I ain't complaining," and, "I'm just there enjoying it."

According to Pop Sugar, there is a reason why Five Guys gives you so many extra fries. A former employee told the publication, "That 'extra' scoop is kind of an illusion; they told us during training that it's to make customers think they're getting a big bargain. And you can ask for the cup with no topper if you want." The word "topper" refers to the fries that overfill into the bag rather than fit in the cup. Chad Murrell, one of the founder's sons, told Food Republic, "I won't name names, but other restaurants just don't give a satisfying amount of fries. We always give an extra scoop. I say load 'em up and make sure they get their money's worth."

At the time of writing, the original tweet has 24.1 thousand retweets.