Jacques Torres Confessed What Food He Refuses To Eat On Nailed It! - Exclusive

Famous chocolatier Jacques Torres knows firsthand what it's like to witness some disastrous baking blunders. As a judge on "Nailed It!" he also has to try some of these precarious-looking creations made by beginner chefs that don't always go according to plan. Some of the funniest "Nailed It!" baking fails he's had to eat include a sad-looking unicorn cake and shark dessert gone wrong. But while it might seem like he's game to try anything on the show, Jacques Torres told us in an exclusive interview that's not always the case.

While promoting the new Halloween version of the series, which premieres on October 5, Torres said he watches closely what the contestants are making. "We see some fun cakes, but what's scary for us is when they put a cake in the oven and they don't bake it completely, because we have to eat those cakes," he admitted. "We don't want to eat raw egg. We don't want to eat something that can make us sick." The world-renowned pastry chef also revealed another dealbreaker for him and the other judges.

Some competitors on the show forget to keep things sanitary

Torres explained that he also watches to make sure participants on "Nailed It!" don't crack eggs and accidentally leave behind some of the shells or lick their spoon and then use it for something else. "We try to keep our eyes on it to be sure that they wash their hands," he said. "It's things that you can do at home. [If] it's your family, it's your son or it's your daughter, you can do some of these things at home that you don't want to do for the public. We are watching for that."

While the baking fails are funny to watch, Torres disclosed it's even worse if a contestant can't even deliver an end product for the judges to try. He shared that during the new season, one competitor's cake was supposed to be 20 inches tall but ended up coming out completely flat. The gourmet chocolate maker said he enjoys those moments, though, because he can help to give them advice about how to fix it in the future.

"Those always are very funny fails, but again, we are not mad about the fails because the fails allow us — and especially me — to teach and say, 'Okay, you see the cake collapsed. Let me tell you why the cake collapsed,'" he revealed. "I can explain the process, and then the viewer understands, and so does the baker."

The new season of "Nailed It!" premieres on October 5 on Netflix.