KFC Wraps Are Finally Returning, But There's A Catch

If someone asked you what KFC serves, the first answer you'd say would most likely be fried chicken. Of course, this isn't a wrong answer; KFC does sell all sorts of fried chicken, including drumsticks, breasts, and even tenders and popcorn chicken. But aside from the usual 12-piece with mashed potatoes and biscuits or popcorn chicken and macaroni and cheese, KFC has experimented with its fried chicken in many different ways.

You may recall, for example, that the chain briefly experimented with glazed donuts in 2020 (via Eater) or the limited-time chicken sandwich with donuts in place of buns further back in 2019 (via Brand Eating). If chicken and glazed donuts aren't your thing (for some odd reason) and you want something a little more substantial, you'd probably consider taking a look at KFC's infamously legendary Double Down, which according to TheStreet, is an "outrageous" chicken sandwich of bacon and cheese with two pieces of fried chicken as buns. There's even a hot dog version of the Double Down, should you believe fried chicken and bacon is not enough meat for you (via Foodbeast). The point is, KFC isn't afraid to think outside the box (or should we say bucket?) when it comes to marketing its chicken.

But, glazed donuts and giant chicken sandwiches aside, KFC seems to be testing a product that some may have seen before in other fast-food restaurants and even in KFCs before. Rather than selling sandwiches, KFC is taking a bold step into the world of wraps.

What's in KFC's new wraps?

According to PR Newswire, KFC's new wraps (dubbed "Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps") are the answer to what fans have been demanding for quite some time. Starting at a modest price of $3 each, you can select from three flavors of wraps — the Classic Chicken Wrap, the Mac & Cheese Chicken Wrap, and the Spicy Slaw Wrap — either by themselves or in a "two-wrap combo." While the fillings of each wrap vary slightly, such as the Mac & Cheese containing mac and cheese while the Spicy Slaw has pickles and spicy coleslaw, each wrap has an "Extra Crispy" chicken tender and is wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. 

For such a cheap price and with three impressive flavors, you may be excited to try them — that is if you live in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The wraps are only going to be available as a limited-time test run in certain KFC restaurants around and in the Atlanta area, starting October 3. Unless you are willing to make a pilgrimage to Atlanta to try them, you'll have to wait until (or if) the wraps go nationwide.

If you feel like you've seen something like this before, you're not wrong. According to FoodSided, KFC has actually experimented with wraps before, releasing what it called "Twisters" for a brief time back in 2014. The wraps also feel similar to McDonald's also-discontinued snack wraps, which also involved a chicken tender and various fillings wrapped in a flour tortilla.