The Budget Steak Robert Irvine Says You Should Buy

From turning around failing restaurants to cooking in the most unlikely places, Robert Irvine is always up for a food challenge. While the popular chef, Food Network personality, and restaurateur knows his way around the kitchen, Irvine often uses his Twitter account to give advice to home cooks. Occasionally, Irvine shares recipes that have been featured on his show "Restaurant Impossible." As the visual entices the social media click, the recipes can be approachable for the home cook. More importantly, Chef Irvine can suggest ingredient swaps to make the dish more affordable.

In a recent tweet, a recipe from a "Restaurant Impossible" episode was highlighted. The Crab Crusted Steak, featured in the episode "A Friendship in Peril," tops a sirloin filet with a spicy crab crust and rich demi-cream sauce. While the flavor description sounds robust, the cost associated with the recipe might be too pricey for some home cooks. When one fan commented, "Robert you're killing me. Can't afford the way you guys cook, but I would make that," he got a response from the chef. Luckily, there is a budget steak swap for that sirloin filet without compromising on the flavor.

Robert Irvine says this budget steak is a satisfying sirloin swap

Responding to a fan's plea for a cost-effective swap for filet steak in one of his recipes, Robert Irvine recommended a baseball top sirloin in his Twitter reply. While this beef option might be a homerun in both flavor and price, this particular cut might not be front and center in the grocery store. Still, for the home cook who is looking to balance costs, the option might be prime for the grill.

According to Harris Ranch, the baseball cut is the center cut of the top sirloin. Named for its round shape, the steak is lean, like a filet mignon. Since it is a thick cut and can have less marbling, cooks need to use care to ensure that the beef is cooked to the perfect temperature, whether using touch or a thermometer. Even a cost-effective beef cut should not be wasted due to a cooking error.

While a baseball top sirloin might be budget friendly, it is not often found mingling with the ribeyes and t-bones in the grocery store. A local butcher or specialty store might be able to help home cooks put this option on the plate. Although it might take a little shopping strategy, the baseball top sirloin could have the home cooks swinging for the fences with their next beef recipe.