Dunkin' Opened 30 Stores In 1 Day In Its Fastest Growing Market

While the classic tagline might say that America runs on Dunkin', the iconic coffee and donut shop fuels more than just the contiguous United States. In a recent announcement by its parent company, Inspire Brands, International Coffee Day was marked with a 30-store international expansion in one country. The latest franchise openings show the constant growth from the humble beginnings that Bill Rosenberg began with Open Kettle in 1948. With Dunkin' serving over 2 billion coffees a year, per Inspire Brands, brand loyalty continues to bring guests back for another cup.

Although many people might have a preferred Dunkin' coffee and donut pairing based on the U.S. menu, international menu offerings can vary. As shown by the company's website, over 11,000 locations across 36 countries create many palates to please. Whether it's donuts topped with shredded pork in China or a variety in Chile filled with manjar, they may not be as simple as glazed. Add to the mix various beverage offerings and the menu might not read like the most favorites list on some people's apps. With the recent expansion in a robust coffee culture locale, Dunkin' is poised to secure its global reach.

Dunkin' races to capture an emerging coffee market

This year, the National Coffee Association estimated that Americans consume 517 million cups of coffee a day. But as of 2020, the country ranked 25th in per-capita coffee consumption, according to WorldAtlas. Given that coffee is an international beverage, it makes sense for brands like Dunkin' to embrace expansion across the globe. Inspire Brands, the parent company of Dunkin', announced that licensee Shahia Food Limited Company opened a record 30 Saudi Arabian restaurants in a single day, which was a record for the company. As the country's leading coffee brand, it has a substantial footprint with 500 locations across 34 cities. With local consumers increasing their coffee consumption, the franchisees embrace the expansion opportunities and see the stores as a way to infuse new life into the region's coffee culture.

According to Travel For Food Hub, the Saudi Arabian food culture is woven into a hospitality concept. While the traditional small cups are different from the Dunkin' lattes and iced drinks, the younger generation is adopting coffee culture in a new way. Whether it is a thirst for a trendy ice drink or a moment to chat with friends, the bold pink and orange signage welcomes people to take a seat and enjoy a sip. Given that Dunkin' seeks to solidify its position as a bakery leader in Saudi Arabia, the potential for expansion seems likely. It appears that another country is running on Dunkin'.