Here's Where To Find Van Leeuwen's Nostalgic New Ice Cream Flavor

Premium ice cream brand Van Leeuwen is known for delivering big flavor on a short ingredients list. That means they focus on finding the best all natural ingredients for their products, and avoid a laundry list of fillers, gums, and additives that make up many other pints of ice cream. Their Earl Grey Tea ice cream, for example, has only six ingredients. By contrast, Ben & Jerry's least goopy flavor, Cherry Garcia, contains nearly 20 ingredients and a remarkable four major allergen groups (dairy, eggs, soy, and coconut/tree nuts). And all that hard work pays off; Van Leeuwen has been ranked as one of the best grocery store vanilla ice creams.

So it seems somewhat surprising that Van Leeuwen would take on ice cream truck classics, like strawberry shortcake ice cream bars and what the Good Humor original calls a chocolate éclair bar. The chocolate éclair bar alone has close to 40 ingredients, including whey, locust bean gum, and artificial colorants. And yet, they have taken on that challenge, and then some. Here's where to find Van Leeuwen's new nostalgic treats.

Exclusive ice cream nostalgia drop

For Van Leeuwen's new launch, the brand has gone beyond upgrading grade-school classics and is actually creating an exclusive new flavor: vegan banana bread pudding. But don't worry meat eaters, that flavor is sure to be up to snuff, as Van Leeuwen ranks as the best dairy-free ice cream. And besides, as Van Leeuwen posted on Twitter, "it's not vegan ice cream. It's ice cream that happens to be vegan." This is oat-based banana ice cream with a fudge swirl and brown sugar bread chunks. Oat milk is richer and creamier than many milk substitutes and has a sweet flavor closer to milk, helping the vegan ice cream to taste like, well, ice cream (per Talkboba).

But this rich bread pudding flavor — like its fellow nostalgic flavors Black & White Layer Cake Nostalgia Bar and the Strawberry Shortcake Nostalgia Bar — are exclusively available at Sprouts (via PR Web). This will be the brand's first exclusive collab with the grocery chain. Van Leeuwen's exclusive banana bread pudding flavor is launching this week and the bars will launch later this month, according to the press release. Both are expected to be permanent additions to the Sprouts freezer aisle — and potentially your kitchen freezer.