The Unexpected Merch Line Arby's Just Launched With Pusha T

Arby's and Pusha T have collaborated to release a merchandise line with their second diss music video. According to FoundersLegal, a company does not break any rules when they compare themselves to their competitor, just as long as they can back up their claims. With the latter as a context, it seems that Arby's is chomping at the regulatory bit.

Their first such venture with Pusha T was the "Spicy Fish Diss Track" in March 2022 (per Inspire). In this music video, Pusha T lyrically regales Arby's fish sandwich while calling out the Mickey Ds version for being "on a budget" and deeming the "Filet-O-Fish" as "tasteless." It's about seven months later and Arby's has teamed up with the rapper again, this time to publicize its Country-style Rib Sandwiches and once more go for the competition's throat in a "Rib Roast," dubbing the McRib "below average" (via Youtube).

The timing of this release and its subject matter of the rib sandwich shows surgical strategy. Arby's launched its rib sandwich almost the same time a year ago (per Thrillist). As if to emphasize their efforts around the rib offering this year, Arby's and Pusha T have launched a merchandise line, too.

The Arby's x Pusha T collection

While Arby's might be your favorite fast food chain, would you wear its branded clothing? And while we are on the topic, is all fast food branded attire uniform for utilitarian purposes only?

Irrespective of the answers to these questions, having a chart-topping rapper's name branded onto a fast-food chain's merchandise is a new twist. Arby's newly released country-style collection of apparel consists of a Pusha T branded T-shirt, a truckers hat, a jacket donning the iconic ten-gallon hat, a bandana, and a bolo tie. They are for sale to the public, though for a limited time, per Arby's Real Countrystyle.

If you still have doubts whether it is cool to wear these merch items, they do seem to be selling fast. As a testimony to the latter, Arby's posted a collage of the merch to Facebook on September 29, stating "It wouldn't be #ArbysRealCountryStyle if we didn't offer seconds. Shop the last drop of Arby's & Pusha T merch NOW."