This Might Be When The McRib Will Return In 2022

The McDonald's McRib sandwich has a cult-like following and a fan club — even though many people are grossed out by how it's made. One of the main mysteries surrounding the McRib is how it obtains its boneless rib rack shape. McDonald's website gives a pretty elusive description of the pork, simply calling it a "pork patty." The name is a bit of an imposter since no actual rib meat is used in the making of this popular sandwich. According to ABC News, the McRib is actually made from boneless pork shoulder, which is ground up with preservatives and then formed into its signature rib shape.

The McRib was originally sold as a way to get Americans to eat more pork. McDonald's sold so many chicken nuggets, that it led to a chicken shortage. The company needed an alternative item to satisfy its loyal fans and the McRib was born.

Luckily for those who are McRib enthusiasts, the item has returned to the menu every year since 1981. There is never an exact date, but we can speculate that the McRib will be making its triumphant return pretty soon.

Trends show the McRib may return in late Fall

The last time McDonald's referenced the McRib was back in February 2022. McDonald's website assured customers that the McRib would indeed be back, but did not disclose any information about when it would be. As is always the case with the McRib, the sandwich is only around "for a limited time" or "while supplies last." This usually works out to about two months (per FANSIDED).

In 2021, the McRib had a November 1 launch date to celebrate a very important milestone; the 40th birthday of the McRib. In 2018 and 2019, the McRib returned in October. Due to pandemic-related delays, the McRib did not make an appearance in 2020 until December. It's no coincidence that the McRib is a constant disappearing act. The sandwich always appears during the fourth quarter of the year, as a way to increase sales before the year's end. The marketing director of McDonald's even admitted that bringing the McRib back for a short time each year generates excitement and hype, leading to higher sales.

If you can't wait for the McRib to make its appearance you can always try a copycat McRib recipe at home. If this year is anything like prior years, we should expect the McRib to delight us just in time for the holiday season.