The Makeshift Taco Bell Dessert Drink That's Confusing TikTok

Who doesn't love a good menu hack? The unique and creative customizations of fast food eaters have resulted in dozens of delicious meals over the years that, in turn, have created a secret menu at practically every restaurant you can think of, and maybe even a few you can't. At Chick-fil-A, for example, a few special order requests can land you with a buffalo chicken sandwich or a rootbeer float, and who hasn't heard of the monstrous McGangBang that Hack The Menu says is one of the "most famous 'secret menu' items" at Mickey D's?

Taco Bell lovers have discovered some clever food combos as well, though unlike most of the other major fast food chains, the dessert side of the eatery's secret menu is practically non-existent. That's not for lack of trying, however. In fact, this summer, TikTok user @caleb_lennon made an attempt at creating a sweet concoction of his own. "This is all of Taco Bell's desserts combined into one," the TikToker explained in a video posted to his account on July 18 in which he could be seen adding handfuls of Taco Bell's Cinnabon Delights and cinnamon twists into a cup before filling the rest of it with Baja Blast Freeze. But while the TikToker's creation was meant to quell the sweet tooths of his fellow Bellheads, in reality, it seems that all it's done is left them confused.

Some TikTokers say this Taco Bell 'dessert' should be 'illegal'

TikToker @caleb_lennon describes himself as the "Original Taco Bell King" on his TikTok page, but the dessert drink he created by combining all the sweets offered on the eatery's regular menu has him looking a bit more like a jester. While the July 18 TikTok in which he demonstrated how to make the unique concoction has garnered a considerable response with over 20,000 likes and 371,000-plus views, the comments section doesn't exactly indicate that it will be Taco Bell's next limited-time offer. "What in just no please no," commented TikTok user @pickleswagger, who was hardly alone in their sentiments about the slightly off-putting creation. "Just why? My stomach is turning just watching that," wrote another, while user @emilymel22 said the drink "should be illegal."

Though there were some people actually willing to give @caleb_lennon's dessert mash-up a taste, the overwhelmingly negative response to the video doesn't exactly suggest that we have a new Taco Bell secret menu item on our hands. However, for those still in search of a new sweet treat at the Bell, Reddit user u/lamaliarozduke discovered a unique combo that may be just the thing to curb your sugar cravings when dining at the chain. "Crushed up cinnamon twists and sour cream. It tastes like a cheesecake," they shared, which certainly sounds like something we could get behind.