Here's Why Costco Fans Are Furious About The New Quesadilla Meals

Costco has a cult following. The popular wholesale grocery store carries so much more than groceries: Customers can purchase televisions, pick up their prescriptions, and even take home a new grill.

Perhaps the biggest reason people love Costco, though, is for its prices. For years, it's been one of the most affordable grocers, likely because it essentially offers wholesale prices to the everyday consumer (typically in large quantities, though). Costco's iconic hot dog combo has remained at $1.50 since its inception in the 1980s, despite record inflation over the past year — and it isn't changing anytime soon.

Costco also offers prepared meals, which customers can take home and heat up themselves for an easy lunch or dinner. Recently, the wholesaler revealed new quesadilla meals, which plenty of Costco fans have already tried — and for the most part, the reviews have been solid. However, many people are furious about one important factor of the new quesadilla: the price.

Costco fans think its new quesadilla meals are too expensive

Instagram account Costco Hot Finds posted a video of the new quesadillas, and they certainly looked delicious. However, viewers could see upon pausing the video that the quesadilla meal retailed for $16.05 — for many, the price was too much.

"That price is unjustified," one person commented on the video. Someone else referred to it as, "literally the worst deal at Costco," while another user wrote that it, "is a lot for [a] quesadilla." It turns out the Instagram users aren't the only ones who think Costco is overcharging for the new quesadillas. The Costco Food Database blog wrote, "all of the ingredients can be purchased from Costco and the quesadillas can be assembled at a fraction of the cost."

Costco's quesadillas are quite large, and Costco Hot Finds said they were actually able to get two meals out of it. With that said, if it's a quesadilla for two, the $16 price tag might not be so bad — $8 per person seems fairly standard. However, the price could be a bit jarring for a product made from chicken, cheese, and tortillas.