Is Burger King Open On Thanksgiving 2022?

When you think of Thanksgiving dinner, you're understandably going to think of a big dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. You probably didn't think of a bundle of Whoppers and chicken fries to go along with the gravy and stuffing. Fast food isn't exactly what most people would see as a Thanksgiving dinner, sure, but what would happen if you suddenly found yourself having a craving for a juicy Whopper and a milkshake before you head over to watch the game at your uncle's house? 

It might be hard to find out if your local Burger King restaurant will be open on Thanksgiving. According to The Holiday Schedule, Burger King will be open during Thanksgiving, but many locations will have different hours. One restaurant may be open half-day, another for the morning until the afternoon, and some may be closed altogether. Holiday Shopping Hours, however, tells us that Burger King locations will be open on Thanksgiving Day without any mention of reduced hours. It would seem that your best bet is to simply keep an eye on your local Burger King's hours and plan around that if you want to satisfy your Whopper craving before Thanksgiving dinner. 

But if Burger King doesn't close for Thanksgiving Day, when, if ever, does it close? Is this some kind of tactical way to cash in on customers while other restaurants are temporarily closed? How do employees feel about this schedule?

Burger King seems to be open a lot during the holidays

When it comes to supplying the public's endless hunger for flame-broiled beef, Burger King doesn't seem to take that much of a break. If the general public wants a burger on Thanksgiving, then by the gilded crown of the King himself Burger King will be there. But just how dedicated is the chain to serving its loyal customers?

According to The Food XP, Burger King's 2022 schedule has it open for most holidays, with the exception of New Year's Day, Christmas Day, and strangely, Thanksgiving Day. Store Business Hours also claims that Burger King observes reduced hours on Thanksgiving Day, but doesn't close. Maybe employees could answer the question about whether Burger King is open or not on these holidays. 

One Reddit user in 2020 asked if Burger King was open on Christmas and one employee claimed that they were closed on both Christmas and Thanksgiving. Another user on r/UberEats even noted that Burger King is closed for Thanksgiving in their area but open on Christmas. It would appear that even the employees can't give you a straight answer as to whether all Burger Kings are closed or open on Thanksgiving.

If you are preparing to enjoy a Whopper for a Thanksgiving snack to offset all that turkey and gravy, it's suggested you keep an eye on your local Burger Kings. If not, at least you'll have plenty of leftovers to hold you over until they are open again.