The Katy Perry Popchips Ad You Probably Never Knew Existed

All-American pop star and certified California girl Katy Perry has been nominated for 13 Grammys. Famous for her eccentric, compassionate persona and hit singles like "I Kissed a Girl," "Teenage Dream," "Hot N Cold," and dozens more (via Rolling Stone), the pop princess is an entertainment icon. In 2014, Perry immortalized her greatness by receiving a Hollywood Walk of Fame star and is eligible to make her way into Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by 2033 (per Billboard).

When she's not touring arenas and crafting critically-acclaimed albums, Perry has worked with the global children's emergency fund UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador since 2013. A humanitarian, artist, and purveyor of all things zealous, Perry was involved with one snack advertising campaign you might have missed among all of her accomplishments. In 2012, around the time she released "Wide Awake," Perry teamed up with Popchips to appear in a series of print advertisements (per Brandingmag).

The advertisement arrived after Ashton Kutcher's controversial Popchips ad

Self-described as "the better-for-you snack brand," Popchips makes fried potato chip alternatives. According to Popchips, the brand "keep[s] their potatoes out of the deep fryer. instead, [they] heat them in a pressurized chamber and then quickly release them."

In 2012, Ashton Kutcher was in a Popchips ad as part of a failed advertising campaign for the snack brand that was shamed for racial insensitivities. Per Forbes, Kutcher was an investor in the brand. The ad, which featured Kutcher as an Indian man, was pulled after widespread backlash (per ABC). Following the disgraced campaign, the snack company partnered with fellow brand investor Katy Perry for a new advertising initiative.

Unlike Kutcher, Perry's Popchips ad was quirky, colorful, and effective. She appeared in four print ads in Cosmopolitan, Elle, US Weekly, People, and similar publications. The ads featured catchphrases like "Nothing Fake About 'em" and "Love. Without The Handles," according to Brandingmag. In parallel with the ad campaign, a new flavor endorsed by Perry was released — katy's kettle corn (via PR Newswire). Is there anything she can't do?