The Dairy Queen Secret Menu Item That's All About Sprinkles

Are secret menus the stuff of legends, or do your favorite fast-food stops have an underground menu we should know about? What began as a few fast foodies requesting healthier alternatives off the menu took off as fans shared their fast food creations with the world on social media. At times, a combination of two or more items on the menu, the occasional secret menu item — like Chipotle's quesadilla – becomes permanent, per Fast Food Menu Prices. Many fast-food restaurants have more to offer if you don't mind being considered a high-maintenance customer. Taste of Home spoke with 22 fast-food employees and TikTok users, and created a list of the best secret menu options from national chains like McDonald's to regional favorites like Dairy Queen.

For over 80 years, Dairy Queen has been serving up soft-serve ice cream in foot-high cones and candy creations at 7,000 locations around the globe, per Dairy Queen. While specific areas offer fast food, the custard keeps people returning for more. With a line of novelty treats, like the Dilly Bar and the popular Blizzard, it's difficult to imagine a candy, cookie, and ice cream combination DQ has missed. Thanks to fast-food operatives, we now know of a secret menu item we didn't realize we were missing, and for everyone that thinks you can never have enough sprinkles.

Sprinkle core dipped cone

Call them sprinkles, jimmies, or "hagelslag," sprinkles make everything better! Thanks to a TikTok video from the staff at a Dairy Queen in Warrensburg, Missouri, sprinkle fans are now craving a new secret menu option that left social media users in awe: A rainbow sprinkles core ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. 

Since this item is not on the menu, there is a strategy to order it from your local DQ that applies to secret menu items at other fast-food chains as well. According to Taste of Home, begin by being polite and avoid ordering specialty items when there is a long line and the restaurant is busy. For the sprinkle cone, start by requesting a chocolate-dipped cone with vanilla ice cream as you would normally. Then describe to the server how you'd like to alter the order adding, "would you mind taking a long spoon to tunnel a hole in the center of the ice cream cone?" Ask the server to then fill the core with sprinkles (or any small candy you like) before topping off the cone with more ice cream to hold the candy in place. Finally, the cone can be dipped into chocolate before being enjoyed.

Since this item takes more time to create than usual, don't be alarmed (or too sad) if the staff refuses to make it.