Reddit May Have Spotted The Discontinuation Of A Wendy's Bacon Burger

When a fast food brand begins changing their menu, fury often follows. Part of the allure of franchises is they have the same basic menu, with the same classic items no matter where you go. Should that change, the world no longer makes sense, nothing seems real, and nihilistic despair can follow. When KFC opted to phase out potato wedges, and instead institute fries in 2020, people revolted. "KFC getting rid of potato wedges has me done with 2020," said one saddened person on Twitter. They called it, "the terrible icing on the horrible 2020 cake."

When Burger King decided to axe the Ch'King chicken sandwich, fans of the food were incensed. "Getting rid of the Ch'King (which i have as the best chicken sandwich out) is by far the stupidest thing the franchise has ever done," exploded one Twitter user — who had apparently forgot about the time that Time reported about a Burger King ad that involved giant, culturally offensive chopsticks.

Changing spuds or dropping a chicken sandwich are egregious violations of the trust people have in a restaurant's menu. However, when you start messing with people's bacon, the knives truly come out.

Could this be the end of the Son of Baconator?

The truth of the Baconator is a storied one. Once upon a time, in 2007, a humble little sandwich consisting of a half-pound of fresh beef, topped with American cheese, and 6 slices of Applewood bacon came unto the patrons of Wendy's. It was a celebration of carnivorous consumption, as there were no vegetables to sully that meat-on-meat flavor. Merely a dab of ketchup, the pulverized and sugared pulp of tomatoes.

It took just a couple of months for 25 million Baconators to be sold. Seeing that this was clearly a success, Wendy's went to whatever underground bunker houses their food laboratory and came up with a way to sell more Baconators. They would make the Son of Baconator, which HuffPost reports is a smaller version, using a pair of 2.25-ounce patties. All seemed well, but paradise wasn't to last. A post on Reddit claims the slightly smaller burger is gone, and there is no light.

"Tried to order a Son of Baconator recently on the app, wasn't there," said the author of the post. "Went to wendys ... noticed it wasn't on the menu, asked for it anyway and was told 'we don't have that anymore.'" Luckily, this panic might be short-lived, as commenters chimed in with, "just had one," and, "Still available on my Wendy's app." Which means bacon fans can probably breathe easy.