Every G Fuel Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

Some people play video games casually and for fun, while others take things very seriously. They don't see the activity on the screen as simply just a game: It's a dog-eat-dog competition that can only have one winner, and you better believe they'll do whatever it takes to ensure they're the last one standing once the chaotic dust settles. 

But, regardless of which category gamers fall into, they're going to need a boost of energy. That's exactly where G Fuel comes into play. The company was founded in 2012 with a mission to concoct a drink that packs a whole lotta energetic punch but without the sugar and other additives that run rampant in other energy drink brands. Since its genesis, G Fuel has become the official energy drink of Esports.

G Fuel offers up a slew of different flavors to cater to a wide variety of tastes, and no matter which you choose, you can rest easy knowing you're not flooding your body with sugar. However, there are definitely some flavors you might want to steer clear of, regardless of the funky designs on the can that beckon a purchase. So, if you're in the market for some energy to help you crush your way through virtual opponents, make sure you're aware of the best G Fuel flavors and you keep them at the forefront of your mind.

20. Sour Cherry

Cherries are among some of the most snackable fruits you can eat. Serve a bowl of cherries at a gathering and watch as the people keep grabbing for the juicy little morsels of sweet fruit flavor. G Fuel wanted to cater to cherry enthusiasts and created a Sour Cherry option. Not only did the brand include a cherry flavor, but it also added a hefty amount of sourness into the mix to spice things up a bit. It's just too bad the end result is a product worth avoiding.

If G Fuel just stuck with a cherry flavor without the sour, this might have been a slam dunk. But, the amount of sour flavor in this drink is totally overwhelming, and it completely strips away the level of fruit flavor enjoyment. It's nearly impossible to make it through an entire can. You want the experience to end as quickly as it began, which is a shame because sour cherry can be an awesome flavor if balanced correctly.

19. Radioactive Lemonade

Are you looking for a special boost of spider energy that allows you to web-sling your way around town all afternoon long? Well, G Fuel partnered up with Sony Pictures and created the Radioactive Lemonade flavored energy drink inspired by the film "Spider Man: No Way Home." According to G Fuel, this flavor will give you so much incredible energy that you will feel like you've been bitten by a radioactive spider." Well, just like with actual spider bites, this is one flavor you definitely don't want. 

The "radioactive" part of this drink's flavor is derived from the bubblegum flavor. So this is essentially a bubblegum lemonade that's supposed to offer customers the sweet burst of bubblegum paired with the tanginess of lemonade, but it really falls short on delivering that promise. You can't really taste any kind of bubblegum flavoring in this drink whatsoever, and the lemonade flavor is rather dull. It doesn't pack that lemony punch you want in lemonade, which makes this a drink that even Peter Parker would swing past.

18. Ragin' Gummy Fish

If you're part of the marketing team at G Fuel and are trying to come up with a new flavor to offer customers, it makes sense to create an amazing drink inspired by an  accomplished gamer. Well, G Fuel created a drink inspired by FaZe Jev, an extremely popular online gamer, and the result was Ragin' Gummy Fish. Well, this drink certainly proves one thing: Gummy fish candy should stay the heck out of drinks.

It's difficult to really explain the flavor of this drink. Does it taste like those gummy fishes that so many of us gobbled down as kids? Not really. But it's definitely a very sweet drink, which makes sense since any kind of gummy candy is always quite sweet. This drink tastes like anything that has been liquefied, carbonated, and then put into a can, and that's not a good thing. If you're craving something gummy, do yourself a favor and just grab a bag of sugar-free gummy candy instead of spending money on this overly sweet drink.

17. Sour Blue Chug Rug

One of the most popular YouTube gamers around is a guy who goes by the name FaZe Rug. He co-owns the FaZe Clan, which is one of the world's most popular Esports organizations. So, naturally, G Fuel wanted to create a drink inspired by him to create his own flavor of energy drink to get gamers all around the world fired up and ready to conquer all that lay before them in the virtual landscape. The end result was a flavor called Sour Blue Chug Rug. However, after taking a sip of this drink, you realize that FaZe Rug should probably stick to creating YouTube content instead of energy drinks.

Apparently, FaZe Rug is a huge fan of sour blue things, so it was only natural this was the avenue he ventured down with G Fuel. Well, he certainly succeeded in the sourness department, and that's very much this drink's downfall. It's very, very sour, which will absolutely turn those people off who don't love a powerful punch of lip-puckering taste. Plus, your entire mouth turns blue after only a few sips, and that's just not a great look unless you'd like to end up with a blue mouth, and if that's the case, then you should go for it. 

16. Ice Shatter

Who's the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei clan, protector of the Earth realm, and a descendant of the mythical cryomancers? It's Sub-Zero, the infamous "Mortal Kombat" character. He has a G Fuel drink inspired by his ability to freeze enemies with his ice-shooting hands. The drink is appropriately called Ice Shatter, and it's a blueberry lemon-flavored energy drink. Unfortunately, if you're hoping that the potentially awesome flavor combination is a hit, you might be setting yourself up for a heart-shattering drink experience.

Blueberry isn't a fruit that finds its way into drinks very often, especially in terms of energy drinks. And, this drink, sadly, is a weak attempt to add blueberry flavor into an energy drink. You can certainly get smacked in the palate with the lemon flavor, but you might be frantically searching for a blueberry flavor that is hardly anywhere to be found. You might just end up with a strong lemon drink that leaves you frustrated about the lack of blueberry infusion.

15. Blue Ice

On a hot day, few things hit the spot quite like the icy blast of a slushy running down your throat. A slushy puts the summer sun in a chokehold and tells it to leave you alone. Well, G Fuel wanted to recreate the flavor of the classic blue slushy and turn it into an energy drink that'll not only quench your thirst with great flavor but also give you the energy you need to game until the wee hours of the morning. G Fuel's answer arrived in the form of the Blue Ice energy drink.

What makes this energy drink disappointing is that you really want it to mimic the awesome power of blue raspberry slushies, and it doesn't quite do the job you so badly want it to. Sure, you get some blue raspberry flavor, and it's not bad, but it's definitely not the powerful refreshing burst that strips away the summer heat. Your best bet is to pick another G Fuel option.

14. Clickbait

If you're someone who frequents the Internet, then at one point or another, you have likely fallen into the dreaded clickbait trap. The Internet is teeming with attention-grabbing headlines that bait you into clicking on them, only for you to realize the site it took you to is full of useless nonsense. But hey, you clicked the link, and now you're on the site. Well, it's interesting that the cherry pomegranate G Fuel flavor is called Clickbait. It does a great job of leading you to believe it's worth buying, but many will find it's not.

Naturally, fans of pomegranates will immediately jump at this option, hoping to snag themselves a refreshing energy-filled can of awesome pomegranate flavor. But, the balance between the cherry and pomegranate is way off, and this really ends up tasting like a cherry drink. Your palate seeks an awesomely slightly sour kick that fresh pomegranate fruit gives you, but alas, it's nowhere to be found.

13. Snow Cone

Snow cones are to summer what warm stew is to winter. They make the season infinitely more enjoyable and tolerable. G Fuel has unveiled a Snow Cone energy drink in an effort to capture the wonderful flavor that the ice cream man brings to neighborhood streets all over the country, The brand invented this flavor for customers looking to enjoy all the summer flavors that those icy colorful cones offer while also giving them the jolt of fuel they need to put a big "W" on their gaming board.

You're likely wondering what kind of flavors are in the vaguely named Snow Cone option. This flavor gives you a wonderful combination of tart cherry and blueberry, which is a decent pairing in theory. However, you'll likely find the tartness of the cherries take over, and the blueberry is an afterthought on your palate. So, if you're looking forward to the tasty blue color of snow cones packed into a drink, you'll want to direct your attention elsewhere. But if you love tart cherries, this isn't a bad option to choose. 

12. Tiny Tina's High Rollin' Sparkly Boom Magic!

Okay, there's a lot to unpack in this name: For those who aren't familiar with Tiny Tina, she's the main character from the hugely popular online game "Tiny Tina's Wonderlands," and G Fuel decided to give her an energy drink flavor to whisk people's palates away to the virtual world of wonders that she is entrenched in. With a name as long and slightly absurd as Tiny Tina's High Rollin' Sparkly Magic Boom! you expect a vibrantly flavored drink. And, while the drink may not slap you with vibrance, it has a cherry vanilla flavor that really works.

If you're a fan of the cherry vanilla flavor combination, you'll be pleasantly surprised by this G Fuel product. The balance of both flavors is what makes this worth trying. Neither flavor overpowers the other, and that makes for a tasty experience with every sip. The cherry profile is plenty sweet, and the smooth richness of the vanilla really helps complement the fruity flavor. Well played, Tiny Tina.

11. Moonberry

Wouldn't it be so cool if moonberries were actually a real fruit? Unfortunately, they only exist as a name for one of G Fuel's sparkling hydration drinks. The company teamed up with Marvel Studios to create an option inspired by the "Moon Knight" streaming series. Moonberry is not one of the energy drink options, so keep that in mind if you're looking to fuel up. It's sugar-free sparkling water infused with the flavor of blueberry and acai, and it packs a welcome wallop of sweetness and tartness.

If you're a big blueberry enthusiast then you'll definitely find pleasure in this drink. You're hit with a mouth-coating, fruity blueberry sensation, and then you taste a slight tartness from the acai, which never overwhelms the blueberry and instead acts as an backseat enhancer. There's' just enough of this drink to linger on the palate without ever feeling overwhelming. Scientists might just have to make begin focussing on turning moonberries into an actual product.

10. FaZe X

Even though G Fuel offers plenty of options for people looking for that extra boost of energy with a hefty hit of caffeine, you may not always want to drink something that might leave you with the jitters. One of the caffeine-free options that G Fuel provides to customers is a flavor called FaZe X, which pays respect to the FaZe Clan, the world's most popular Esports organization. This sparkling drink has a citrus cherry flavor that does a solid job of delivering cherry flavor infused with a little citrus blast.

This drink has a sparkling sensation that definitely enhances the sweet cherry flavor. The sweetness of the fruit isn't so powerful that you have to really be a fan of cherries to enjoy it. The citrus that's included in this drink also never clouds the star of the show. It complements the sweetness really nicely by giving your tongue an added bite of flavor with each sip. 

9. PewDiePie

Anyone who's even remotely interested in the world of online gaming has probably heard of PewDiePie. This guy has 111 million subscribers on YouTube (yes, you read that number correctly), so pretty much anything he says or does makes waves in the gaming community. So, it was only a matter of time before G Fuel made a drink that was a tribute to Pewdiepie, which resulted in a lingonberry-flavored energy drink called PewDiePie.

Now, you might have never heard of lingonberries before, and that's totally okay. These sweet and tart little berries rarely sneak their way into drinks. However, once you take a sip of this, you'll likely wish made more appearances. The lingonberry has a decently strong kick of sour flavor, but there's a sweetness that swoops in at the end to ensure the sourness isn't overwhelming, which leaves you with a really nice tasting sour and sweet combination.

8. Sonic's Peach Rings

If there's one video game character who seems like he's always smack in the middle of an energy drink bender, it's Sonic the Hedgehog. When this guy hits the screen, the only speed he knows is extreme. Obviously, G Fuel needed to crank out a Sonic-themed energy drink to pay tribute to everyone's favorite blue hedgehog. So, it came out with Sonic's Peach Rings, a peach ring candy-flavored drink to get your focus ready to reach hyperspeed.

One thing that this flavor does much better than G Fuel's gummy fish candy option is ensuring that the peach flavor isn't astoundingly sweet. Peach candy rings are covered in a layer of fine sugar, which makes them an extremely sweet gummy candy. However, the drink never reaches that point where you feel that huge rush of sugary taste. Anyone who enjoys peach flavor will definitely appreciate the tribute to the candy rings while at the same time respecting the fact that G Fuel didn't make this final product too sweet. 

7. Wumpa Fruit

Any Crash Bandicoot fan knows that in order to gather as many lives as possible and make it to the end of the game to defeat Dr. Cortex, you gotta scoop up as much wumpa fruit as you can along your dangerous path. Wumpa fruit is the fictional fruit that the lead character loves to eat, so G Fuel came out with a Crash-themed apple-mango energy drink called Wumpa Fruit so you can make your way through each treacherous level while also feasting like the world's coolest bandicoot.

The balance of the apple and mango here is excellent, which makes this drink a more than worthwhile investment if you're a fan of either flavor. The apple has a lovely sweetness that makes you feel like you just bit into a super crisp apple right off the supermarket shelf. The mango isn't as sweet as the apple, but it offers a deeper, more fragrant flavor, which works really well alongside the apple taste. 

6. Hype Sauce

You can't call yourself a proper gamer if you're not getting hyped every time you sit down in front of the screen to put in some serious virtual work. Your games require enthusiasm, not some humdrum demeanor. So, what better way to get yourself super stoked than by swigging away at a can of Hype Sauce energy drink? G Fuel combined the flavors of raspberry and lemonade to give customers the energy to get hyped and stay hyped until their opponents are crushed.

One thing you realize after your first sip of this is that the drink is definitely heavier on the raspberry, but that's not a bad thing. The raspberry is sweet and tart, and it definitely plays on your palate much more prominently than the lemon, but that doesn't mean this drink lacks an enjoyable amount of the yellow citrus fruit. The lemon flavor is still prevalent enough to make itself known, so if you're in the market for lemonade but want a little zhuzh in it, go for this option.

5. Bahama Mama

We all have those stressful days where we just wish we could close our eyes and suddenly transport ourselves to a gorgeous tropical getaway, far away from the frustrations of life. In a perfect world, that'd be possible, but while we all wait for a perfect existence to come to fruition, G Fuel offers up a Bahama Mama energy drink, which is meant to whisk our minds straight to the Bahamas, where life is laid back and tropical flavors reign supreme.

Bahama Mama gives customers a triple-treat of tropical flavors, which is awesome. The wonderful taste of coconut, pineapple, and orange all join forces and come together for a super refreshing drink that totally leaves you feeling like you should be sitting in a hammock on a sandy beach, watching the waves flow in and out of a beautiful blue ocean. 

The balance of flavors here is fantastic. The coconut flavor is the most pronounced, but when you're trying to escape to a tropical paradise, that's the exact taste that you want. But even though the pineapple and orange ride in the backseat, the flavors still hit your tongue with a wonderful refreshing blast.

4. Thor's Lightning Lemonade

You can't throw an image of Thor onto a bottle of sparkling lemonade without implying it packs a massively strong wallop of awesome lemonade flavor. Anything less, and you'll have fans of the superhero up in arms. So, when G Fuel unveiled Thor's Lightning Lemonade, the company must have known it needed to deliver the goods in the only way a guy like Thor knows how to: With the strength of a thousand armies. And luckily, G Fuel managed to create a drink that Thor himself would really love. 

The lemonade flavor in this sparkling hydration drink is potent in the best way possible. The carbonation leaves your mouth tingling with intense waves of all the sweet and sour sensations that you crave in a lemonade. Each sip immediately makes you think of that wave of refreshment you feel on a hot summer day after a fresh glass of lemonade. It's not too sweet or too sour: It has the exact amount of both, which leads to the perfect lemonade. 

3. B*bot Mix

G Fuel came out with the B*bot Mix sparkling hydration drinks to celebrate the 2021 animated comedy "Ron's Gone Wrong," which is a film about a young boy who receives a robot meant to become his best friend until it begins to malfunction in hilarious ways. The company decided that the best flavor to represent the friendship that the movie is centered on was Piña Colada, and let's just say this is one drink you'll very much want your mouth to become friends with.

Anyone who's had a Piña colada before knows to expect a hefty hit of coconut flavor, and this drink provides it in droves. The coconut taste has you envisioning the wonderful white coconut meat that sits in those stringy outer shells, and you can almost feel the tropical weather coursing through your body. But there's also a nice layer of pineapple wrapped up in the coconut that really pushes you into a tropical splendor of flavor. This is a flavor-packed, caffeine and sugar-free drink that really hits the spot.

2. Yuzu Splash

YouTuber PewDiePie worked with G Fuel to create Yuzu Splash, a drink infused with the flavor of the Japanese fruit. You may not have ever heard of the yuzu fruit before or ever had the opportunity to taste one, but this very unique drink introduces you to the wonderful world of yuzu in the absolute best way possible.

For those who are completely unfamiliar with yuzu citrus fruit, many people describe it as a combination of lemon and mandarin orange, although it can sometimes have a grapefruit quality to it, as well. 

Grapefruit can be a very polarizing fruit due to its tart flavor, but this drink completely strips away that intense rush of tartness as it contains a wonderful lemony flavor that's a little sweet and a little sour, as well the abundant sweetness and the slight spiciness of mandarin oranges. This flavor is amazing, and it hits so many different notes on your palate so you're always eager for the next sip.

1. Rainbow Sherbet

According to G Fuel, the Rainbow Sherbet energy drink flavor feels like unicorns, rainbows, sunshine, and happiness. And, honestly, that's a pretty darn accurate description of how joyous your mouth will feel when drinking this orange crème ice cream-flavored product. G Fuel knew what it were doing when this recipe was green lit, and every gamer from far and wide should give resounding thanks to the inventors of this drink. 

The eruption of creamy orange flavor that slams your palate with every sip sends your mind into a celestial daze of amazing taste. G Fuel really does a perfect job of getting the creaminess right, so each sip coats your mouth with that silky orange goodness the same flavored-ice cream carries with it. Plus, the carbonation gives you that tongue-tingly sensation that makes each gulp a volcanic eruption of tingly, velvety orange creaminess that you never want to end.