The Rumors About McDonald's Halloween Pails Were So True

Last month the internet was buzzing with rumors that McDonald's beloved Halloween pails may be making a return this year in time for the spooky holiday. When Nightmare Nostalgia shared a picture of McDonald's corporate calendar that included "Halloween Pails" in the October timeline and reported that some of the chain's employees disclosed there were, indeed, plans to bring back the pails, devotees of the classic container rallied. "It's about freaking time!!!" one wrote, "I have been waiting years to hear triumphant news like this...Fingers crossed that this news comes true."

Fortunately, for hopeful fans who were wondering if McDonald's is bringing back Happy Meal Halloween buckets, the wait is over. McDonald's has officially revealed that the pails are having a comeback tour. According to a press release on the company's website, the Halloween Happy Meal will be available this month with three different pails available. McDonald's customers who want to secure a pail in time to add it to their trick-or-treating arsenal for this year's festivities may want to mark down the date of the pails' arrival on their own calendar.

McDonald's Halloween pails release date and details

The secret is out. According to a press release, McDonald's will be welcoming back its Halloween pails on October 18th. 

From the images, it looks like the pails have had a bit of a makeover since first launching in 1986. Of course, some long-time customers may recall that McDonald's Halloween buckets have gone through a number of costume changes throughout the years. Dread Central details the history of the pails and those various versions, and when comparing the latest press release to Dread Central's timeline, the new pails look similar to the 1989 band of McBoo, McGhost, and McWitch, but without the lids.

When McDonald's posted an image on Twitter of the new Halloween pails along with the message, "guess who's coming back," followers went to work. Some posted throwback pics in costumes holding earlier versions of the pails and others shared how they are still using those early pails in their homes today. Not to miss an opportunity, some McDonald's fans weighed in with requests for the return of other Happy Meal toys from yesteryear including another former fall favorite, the McNugget Halloween Buddies.

Fans looking to get their hands on a pail this year will need to grab one by October 31 because history has shown, there's no telling if the pails will come back to life for Halloween next year.