The Absolute Best Ribs In Texas

When the sun's out, it's the perfect time to get the grill out and create some delicious BBQ meals. Whether it's for a party, for friends, or for yourself, there's nothing more incredible than a hot, freshly smoked set of ribs. Even if you prepare oven-baked ribs as opposed to making them on the grill, a set of ribs is a delicious thing to have at any time of the year — and anywhere, for that matter. A homemade set of ribs is amazing, but you can also find many BBQ joints that offer fantastic ribs all over the country.

One state that is notorious for its fantastic barbeque joints, and by extension, its juicy, flavorful ribs, is Texas. All over the Lone Star State, you'll find BBQ restaurants that offer stacks of delicious ribs, but with so many ribs across Texas, you might struggle to figure out exactly where you should go to get those ribs from. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of some of the best ribs you can find in Texas and where exactly you can get them from. 

Pody's BBQ

The first fantastic set of ribs you can find in Texas comes from Pody's BBQ. This restaurant is located in Pecos, Texas, and carries loads of classic barbeque dishes. It prides itself on serving real Texas pit BBQ, and you can find brisket, pulled pork sandwiches, as well as a giant meat-loaded baked potato all made by pitmasters who truly care about their craft. Another delicious item that you can find on the menu, is, of course, ribs. What BBQ joint would be complete without them? Pody's BBQ serves an extremely high-quality take on this classic BBQ dish — enough to bring you back wanting more.

The ribs, as noted by many customers in online reviews, fall off the bone incredibly easily. They are also described as incredibly tender, and many adore the way they are prepared. The one thing to note is that Pody's isn't unreasonably priced, like other BBQ locations, it does tend to run out of particular meats fairly quickly, including the ribs, so if you do want to try these ribs, you'll have to get to Pody's fast.

Killen's Barbecue

The next plate of ribs you have to try when you're in Texas hails from Killen's Barbecue. Established in 2013 (via Killen's), this barbeque restaurant claims that it serves the best barbecue — ever. From its delicious onion ring side to its sweet banana pudding, when it comes to BBQ, Killen's seems to just about have it all. Along with the rest of its menu items, Killen's ribs are incredibly appetizing and are perhaps one of the main reasons you should check out the restaurant. With two locations in Texas, you can get yourself a plate of these ribs and find yourself in barbecue paradise.

These ribs not only look amazing, but they taste just as good, as well. They may be a little spicy for some people's palettes (as per Tripadvisor), so be wary, but overall, the flavor of these tender ribs is incredible. Some diners have even gone as far as to say that the ribs they had at Killen's were the best they've ever had (via Yelp). They are a little more pricey, but in terms of good barbecue, we'd say that these ribs are worth it. Depending on how spicy you can handle things, we definitely recommend trying out the ribs at Killen's Barbecue.

The Salt Lick

If you've been to Austin, Dallas, or any other city this restaurant has a location in, then you've had to have tried The Salt Lick's incredible barbecue. With some locations in a couple of the airports scattered across the state, you can get some of Salt Lick's barbecue right when you land in Texas — and even though there's a saying that airline food doesn't taste as good, the food you can find in these airports — specifically from Salt Lick — is outstanding. The Salt Lick's BBQ makes for a great meal — especially all of their ribs.

You can get many different ribs at Salt Lick. It serves your regular pork and beef ribs, but you can also get bison ribs (via Salt Lick BBQ)! The pork ribs have been described as being quite meaty, with a nice, smokey flavor. Even though the restaurant is named after salt, you'll also be pleased to hear that these ribs aren't overly salty (via TripAdvisor), which allows for the smokey flavor to really shine through. You'll definitely be licking the leftover juice off of your fingers after finishing a serving of these ribs.

Panther City BBQ

If a restaurant's barbecue is so good that it's been put in a list of your state's top ten barbecue restaurants, then that restaurant is doing something right with its food. Ever since 2014, Panther City BBQ has served up some of Texas's finest barbecue — there's a reason it was listed in Texas Monthly's 2021 top ten barbecue list (per Panther City BBQ). If the barbecue is good as a whole, then that does say good things about the restaurant's ribs, as well. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, these ribs are hard to beat.

Along with its brisket and turkey, Panther City serves up pork spare ribs. The ribs that you can get here are just as amazing as all of the other rib entries on this list. They've been described as having a light note of sweetness from the sauce, with a snappy, peppery coating on the outside (via Yelp Reviews). These ribs have a lot going for them, and we can definitely see why Panther City was ranked as one of Texas Monthly's top barbecue locations.

CorkScrew BBQ

Many restaurants that have risen in popularity didn't start out as restaurants, but rather food trucks or catering businesses. CorkScrew BBQ is one of those restaurants that started as a catering business but became so popular and loved by the people of Texas that it became a restaurant (via CorkScrew BBQ). Using only the highest quality meats and making all of its sauces and sides in-house, the owners of this restaurant have whipped up arguably some of the finest BBQ in all of Texas. This sentiment also extends to the ribs, which are a wonderful addition to this BBQ restaurant's menu.

The pork ribs CorkScrew carries are not only delicious, but natural, farm-raised, and grilled to perfection (via CorkScrew BBQ). They've been described as fantastic, and though they are pricey, if you bring a friend and share a serving of these large, delicious ribs, it will be worth it (per Tripadvisor). Another reviewer also advised heading to CorkScrew early if you want a taste of its BBQ, as there is often a line for the food. We doubt that there would be such a long line if the ribs weren't good, so if you're considering trying these ribs out, you may want to go early.

1775 Texas Pit BBQ

Even though this next rib-offering restaurant hasn't actually been around since 1775, 1775 Texas Pit BBQ has made its mission, ever since its founding, to offer quality BBQ for everyone to enjoy. After serving in the army, Brad Doan, co-owner and pitmaster at 1775 Texas Pit BBQ, opened the restaurant with his family, naming it after the birth year of the U.S. Army. That dedication to his country is reflected in the restaurant's mindset of providing the best BBQ it can to its customers. This includes the delicious pork ribs, which are served by the half pound and made with care.

Even though this restaurant is only open three days of the week (Thursday through Saturday), when you are able to order their ribs, you're in for a good time. The ribs fall apart nicely and are sweet, tender, and delicious (via Yelp). It is a popular item on the menu, however, and gets sold out sometimes, so if you do plan on ordering these ribs, like many of these BBQ locations, you may want to go a little early. Overall, however, when it is open, this is a great place to go to get some quality ribs

Evie Mae's BBQ

This next BBQ restaurant is another that claims to be one of Texas's best BBQ joints and grew from operating in a catering truck to a brick-and-mortar restaurant in 2016. Evie Mae's BBQ is located in Wolfforth, Texas, and has a lot to offer in the realm of BBQ ribs. Evie Mae's puts a lot of thought and care into its ribs — and that shows, especially through the restaurant's great reviews and the fantastic flavor of the ribs.

If you're early enough, then the ribs are one of the first things you should order. Numerous reviewers have stated that the ribs alone are a reason to go to this restaurant (via Yelp). The ribs are tender and have a pepper coating. They're filled with the fabulous flavor that you would expect from a good plate of ribs. Many reviews suggest getting there early, as Evie Mae's does sell out quite often, but if you manage to get there on time, then you'll find yourself with a just about perfect platter of ribs fit for any BBQ fan out there.

Pecan Lodge

Pecan Lodge was started by a couple who were tired of their corporate jobs and constant travel and wanted to spend more time with their family. This resulted in them being able to start up their BBQ restaurant, which serves wonderful BBQ and Southern comfort foods for everyone to eat and enjoy. On the menu you'll find both beef and pork ribs. They taste like barbecue heaven. With the restaurant being open every day of the week, you can get either of these styles of ribs from Pecan Lodge — until they sell out for the day, that is.

Both the beef and pork ribs have outstanding reviews, with many diners at Pecan Lodge adoring the flavor and how easily the meat falls off the bone (via Tripadvisor). The beef ribs seem to be the more popular of the two, as it appears that you may have to get to the restaurant early to actually get them. Regardless, both rib offerings are incredible, and the next time you find yourself in Dallas, you may want to stop by this fantastic barbecue place for some ribs.

Goldee's Bar-B.Q

The next ribs on this list come from Goldee's Bar-B.Q. With founders that have worked in eight of the top barbecue places in all of Texas and trained by some of the best pitmasters in the entire country (via Goldee's), this BBQ joint knows what it's doing with its food. From brilliant brisket to house-made sausage, you'll find all of the classic meats at Goldee's, including pork and beef ribs. With a fantastic blend of spices, the beef ribs the restaurant carries sell out pretty fast, which speaks volumes about how delicious they are. If you get to Goldee's early enough on a weekend, you may be able to get them.

The pork ribs are a delicious part of the Goldee's menu as well. They're tender, smokey, and fall off the bone easily, making for a perfect serving of ribs. The reviews line up with this sentiment, claiming these ribs are amazing, and perhaps even one of the best meals they've ever had. The beef ribs are the true champion of this restaurant, however, as they are a favorite of many a Goldee's diner. No matter which kind of ribs you prefer, though, you're sure to find a delicious serving of them at Goldee's Bar-B.Q.


When you first hear the name "Cattleack," you might think of the car brand. You might even think of the cocktail named after the automobile. However, Cattleack isn't the same thing as Cadillac: One is known for its high-quality cars, while the other is known for its delicious, high-quality meats and BBQ. Cattleack can be found in Dallas, Texas. The ribs the restaurant has are nothing to shy away from, with both beef and pork on the menu. Whichever you order will surely satisfy your hunger, but also provide you with a fantastic flavor, as well.

While the beef ribs are great here, this restaurant is the opposite of Goldee's Bar-B.Q. While the beef ribs seemed to be the more favored choice of meat at that establishment, at Cattleack, the pork ribs are to die for. They've been described as the best ribs in all of Dallas by one reviewer (via Tripadvisor). With a peppery spice rub covering each bite and a light touch of sweetness to the flavor, people adore these ribs. That isn't to say that the beef ribs aren't good, though. Made from high-quality meat (as per Yelp), you'll find yourself enjoying either of these flavorful rib meals.

Terry Black's BBQ

When you go to Austin, you can find loads of different BBQ joints serving up fantastic brisket, steak, and ribs, along with all the other incredible foods that you can find at a barbeque restaurant. One of the best in Austin is Terry Black's Barbeque. With locations in Dallas and Lockhart as well, there are multiple places to get a plate of delicious pork or beef ribs from Terry Black's. Both beef and pork taste amazing, and while they are pretty pricey, you have got to try these out the next time you're in Texas.

Depending on where you go, these ribs are much more expensive than in some other restaurants. The Dallas and Austin locations offer their ribs at around $30 a pound, while at the Lockhart location, it's a lot less (via Terry Black's BBQ). Putting the price aside, however, you'll find yourself with a delicious set of ribs, no matter which kind you choose to get. The beef ribs are a little more expensive than the pork, but many praise their incredible, flavor, praising them as the best beef ribs they've ever had (per Yelp). The pork ribs are also highly regarded, as they fall off the bone easily and taste absolutely incredible.

Smolik's Smokehouse

If you've been serving BBQ since 1928, then your ribs have been around for a long time, and you've been doing something right with them. Smolik's Smokehouse Bar-B-Q has been around for a long time, offering real Texas pit BBQ since it first started up. With a huge menu of different meats and meals to choose from, you have a lot to work with at this smokehouse, but it also might be a little overwhelming to find the ribs when they are thrown between so many other meats. Fear not — at this location, you can still get the delicious beef and pork ribs that feature in so many of the restaurants on this list.

The beef ribs here are huge (as per Yelp), maybe even big enough for two or more people to share. They're tender, seasoned wonderfully, and loaded with flavor. They do run out quickly, though, so if you want a taste of these ribs, you'd have to go early. The pork ribs are good, as well, with a nice smoky flavor, and are made even better by the fact that they melt in your mouth. You might find yourself waiting for quite a bit when ordering these ribs, as they're rather popular, but there is a drive-through option. Once you get your hands on them, they'll be gone fairly quickly.

InterStellar BBQ

If we were to tell you that a food at a particular restaurant tastes out of this world, then your expectations for that food may be fairly high. When it comes to ribs, you only want a few things: You want the meat cooked, seasoned, and prepared well. That's it. While it certainly isn't easy to create the perfect set of ribs, you can find many a stellar serving of the meat out there, including at Interstellar BBQ, located in Austin, Texas. With owners that make sure to use high-quality ingredients and never take shortcuts with their BBQ, you're sure to have a tasty time with these ribs.

Interstellar BBQ always has delicious St. Louis Ribs, so no matter what, you can be sure that you'll get a tender rack of ribs from them. This restaurant's St. Louis Ribs are wonderful, but they aren't the only ribs you can get there. Sometimes Interstellar BBQ will have specials such as their mole-spiced baby back ribs and pastrami beef ribs (via The Infatuation). It is a bit of a wait to get your food, but once you get your hands on the ribs (via Yelp), the wait is worth it, as you'll be satisfied for the rest of the day, and even want to take some home for leftovers.

Bodacious Bar-B-Q

The next set of ribs on this list is from none other than the Bodacious Bar-B-Q restaurant. This brilliant BBQ restaurant can be found in Tyler, Texas, and is a great place to meet up for lunch or dinner. Bodacious means "remarkable" or "noteworthy," so you'd expect some pretty incredible ribs to hail from this location, and you'd be right in thinking so. You'll find yourself having a meal fit for any rib-lover out there, and with amazing slides to pair with it, you will more than likely be satisfied at this restaurant.

These ribs aren't the most expensive out there, though they are a little pricey. Regardless, they do seem to be a popular menu item. The ribs do occasionally run out, which is a possible indication that they are really good (via Yelp). The ribs themselves are described as being incredibly meaty, tender, and smoked to perfection. The dry rub used on them also adds to the flavor, making for an overall fantastic set of pork ribs. They aren't overly sweet like some BBQ dishes turn out to be, and overall, are some of the finest ribs you can find in Texas.

Micklethwait Craft Meats

Beef ribs and pork ribs: If a barbecue joint has at least one of these items, and it tastes good, then that restaurant is set. Micklethwait Craft Meats, set in Austin, Texas, is one of these joints that have both beef and pork ribs. It's open Thursday through Sunday from 11 in the morning until it sells out. That gives you plenty of time to head over there and try out its fantastic ribs. They do cost a bit of money, but that just means that they should taste all the better, and be made out of quality, freshly smoked meat.

You can order either of these ribs with the great sides that are sold at Micklethwait such as the restaurant's jalapeño cheese grits or mac and cheese. The beef ribs, as usual, sell out fast, so you have to get there early to get a serving of them. The pork ribs really steal the show here, though, as reviews describe the meat as tender but still with a bit of chew, making for the perfect bite (via Dave Eats). Overall, a solid set of ribs that we could definitely recommend to you the next time you visit Texas.

2M Smokehouse

San Antonio, Texas is another city in the state that you can find great BBQ in. One of the best in the city is 2M Smokehouse, which slow-cooks all of its barbeque for hours, just to ensure that it tastes delicious. With an owner and pitmaster who built his restaurant from the ground up, you'll feel the care and heart that goes into every meal made at 2M Smokehouse and enjoy every bite. The menu item that you are perhaps most concerned with at the moment though is the ribs. The smokehouse sells pork ribs by the pound. They are smokey, fresh, and delicious.

The pork ribs slideoff the bone right into the mouths of anyone who orders them and enjoys them. Tender and meaty, these ribs are slow-cooked to perfection (via Tripadvisor). Like most BBQ joints, the meat is a little expensive, but not overly so, so it's definitely worth the cost to check this meal out. The restaurant opens at 11 and fills up pretty quickly, so if you do want these ribs, you may want to go in early so you don't have to wait as long to place your order. We definitely recommend you do so, because these ribs are a great reason to go to this smokehouse.

Railhead Smokehouse BBQ

Some ribs are sold by the plate, while others are sold by the pound. If you go to a classic BBQ joint, then that's how you're most familiar with seeing ribs. At the Railhead Smokehouse in Fort Worth, Texas, this is exactly what you can expect: classic, incredibly smoked ribs. When the restaurant first opened, the only customers were the founder's father and uncle, but now, with all of the fantastic BBQ items, including the ribs, this smokehouse has become pretty popular.

Served by the slab, you can get this fantastic meat on a sandwich, a plate, or by the pound, but anyway you have it, you're sure to enjoy the smoky, tender meat that comes on each bone. According to Yelp, this restaurant doesn't take any reservations, so if you want a taste of these ribs, you have to get there fast. If you're able to, however, you'll be met with some fabulous plates of ribs. You're served plenty of meat and lots of sides along with the ribs (as per Yelp Reviews), so you could either share with a friend or family member or have enough to fill up your belly for the rest of the day.

Ray's Real Pit BBQ Shack

Family-owned restaurants always seem to have a more casual, warm feeling to them. There's something familiar about the food, as a lot of heart and thought is put into each plate. When you're looking for a restaurant that serves ribs with a homecooked flavor to them, Rays Real Pit BBQ Shack is a good place to start, because when it comes to ribs, Rays has a lot to choose from. Fried ribs, rib sandwiches (and we aren't talking about the McRib), rib tips — you can find it all here, and it's all extremely tasty.

The ribs here are to die for, according to the masses (via Tripadvisor) with a tender, smoky taste, and they're cooked to perfection, no matter how you have them. There isn't a lot of space for sitting down and eating, so you might be better off ordering this BBQ as takeout. This isn't a terrible thing though — this just means that if you're in Texas, you can get these ribs and take them home to enjoy on your own, or order them for a party or get-together. Whether you're getting sandwiches, rib plates, or even the rib tips, there are lots of rib options here, so feel free to explore them all.

Tyler's Barbecue

The next ribs on this list come from Tyler's Barbecue, which offers pork, brisket, and ribs for all to feast on. The pitmaster behind this restaurant had plans of opening a BBQ joint long before he did so, and once his plan was set in motion, he made it his goal to offer quality meats to his customers (via Tyler's Barbecue) — and that he did. Located in Amarillo, Texas, you can find loads of incredible BBQ dishes here, not just the ribs. But let's be honest: This article is all about the ribs, so that's what we're going to focus on in terms of this BBQ restaurant.

The ribs here are nice and tender, with a flavor that many diners have praised in their online reviews. The ribs are also surprisingly affordable for a barbecue restaurant, which makes these delicious ribs all the more enticing. You can also order these ribs with incredible sides like the jalapeño corn or green beans with bacon and onion. Even without the sides, though, these ribs are a great BBQ item to have if you're craving something tender, flavorful, and most importantly, delicious.

Louie Mueller Barbecue

If a restaurant claims to be the "Best BBQ restaurant in all of Texas," then they may be claiming that they're the best BBQ place in the world. Ribs, brisket, and everything that falls under the realm of BBQ are synonymous with the state, after all. Louie Mueller Barbecue has been a BBQ staple in Texas for a while now, with many Texans flocking to the location to get a taste of its fantastic food — including its ribs. With savory-sweet pork spare ribs and colossal dino beef ribs, you've got quite a bit to work with when it comes to Louie Mueller Barbecue.

Both the pork and beef ribs are widely loved by fans of Louie Mueller Barbecue. Some people think the beef ribs are the best between the pair (via Yelp), with many customers devouring each piece with speed and delight. The pork ribs are also widely enjoyed and have been described as unique and delicious by consumers on the web. Either way, both of these ribs will be an absolute hit in your stomach, so we highly recommend you try them out.

Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q

The final ribs from this Texan BBQ list come from Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q. This Southern-style BBQ joint has it all. From sandwiches and meats to tacos and classic sides, there's a little something for every BBQ fan here — especially the ribs. Dubbed "The best ribs in Texas," Stanley's baby back ribs are served with some freshly made bread and double rubbed in order to create the perfect meat meal. Just as these ribs are the perfect way to end this list, they're also the perfect way to have a taste of incredible Texas BBQ.

These ribs are some of the best out there. The care and effort that is taken to make each set of ribs is really evident with each bite you take. They are very tender and are full of flavor thanks to the double rub (via Tripadvisor). They are priced on the more expensive side, but you're paying for some quality ribs here, so we reckon they're worth the price. There isn't anything negative one can say about a good plate of these ribs — they're just too good. If you ever find yourself in Texas and come across Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q, then we highly suggest you try out these ribs — you won't regret it.