Reddit Is Accusing Dunkin' Of Being Horrible To Deaf Employees

Unfortunately, many prospective fast food employees and customers are still discriminated against for having a disability. A quick Google search for discrimination lawsuits names countless restaurant chains, from McDonald's and Taco Bell, all the way to Popeyes and Chick-fil-A.

The sad truth is these failures happen every single day, but we really only hear about the ones that go viral on the internet. Earlier this year, for instance, Dutch Bros Coffee issued an apology to its disabled customers after one of its employees left a rude note for a deaf woman and she read it aloud on TikTok.

To make matters worse, employees with disabilities usually don't fare much better. Someone recently asked on a Dunkin' Reddit thread if the chain was "deaf-friendly," as they were looking for a part-time job. Although several Dunkin' employees had positive things to say, many had poor experiences working for the chain as a deaf individual.

Dunkin' employees claim discrimination against deaf individuals

The Dunkin' Reddit page turned into a very solemn place after someone asked whether or not the chain was a "deaf-friendly" place to work. They added that they were having a hard time finding a job, as "most employers don't hire deaf people."

A few Dunkin' employees said the chain was a good place to work if others were willing to use other forms of communication, such as ASL or writing. However, most people warned against it. One former employee who doesn't hear that well said that they were "treated so badly by [their] store manager," even in front of customers. Another person described it as "a fast-paced job with constant changes to orders and communication with coworkers is vital."

However, Redditors did have a few bits of advice. Several suggested working for a locally-owned coffee shop, or if determined to work at Dunkin', baking or making sandwiches. Another person summed it up best, saying, "If your store can't accommodate you, then that is their problem."