The Best Cheap Comfort Drink To Order At A Bar

While some may look to comfort foods to soothe them in times of trouble, others pass on the mashed potatoes and mac and cheese and head for the nearest bar. So, what is your go-to comfort drink? Are you a fan of Bloody Marys (a drink that often comes with a free meal in the form of garnishes), or are you more of a mojito drinker? 

If your idea of comfort is to get as drunk as you can as quick as you can, Joseph Boroski, creator of the "Ask the Bartender" podcast, has some advice that might help.

Boroski explains to Mashed that the best way to get "bang for your buck," as it were, is to "go spirit-forward and especially go for cocktails that have more or multiple types of spirits." He does offer a caveat, though, saying that the Long Island Iced Tea may no longer be your best bet for a cheap drunk. As he admits, "Many bars have now adjusted quantities so that a LIIT is no stronger than a margarita."

Spirit-forward drinks may get you more booze for your buck

J.Boroski cocktail bar owner Joseph Boroski advises that if you want an alcohol-heavy drink at an affordable price, you should order what he calls "bartender favorites." 

Of course, bartenders all have individual preferences, and not all of them may prefer the same drinks that Boroski does. But if you're ever looking to tie one on without spending too much and he's behind the bar, one drink he recommends is The Last Word. (Don't try asking for this old-school cocktail at an Applebee's or your local dive bar, however. In addition to bar staples gin and lime juice, it also includes the less-standard ingredients of green Chartreuse and maraschino liqueur.)

Another Boroski favorite is the Boulevardier, a bourbon-based drink made with sweet vermouth and Campari. He also favors the Fernet Branca, which is a brand of medicinal-tasting Italian liqueur. "Many barkeeps, especially in the U.S., give away [Fernet Branca] to other barkeeps for no charge," he says. (Although this could, perhaps, be due to the fact that none of their patrons are ordering the stuff.) If none of these drinks appeal to you, though, you can always just stick to ordering a straight shot of name-your-poison. After all, the most comforting of drinks is the one that won't make you say "yuck!" as you try to swig it down.