Cookie Dough Is The Latest Milky Way Flavor Addition Coming In 2023

In 1924, the first Milky Way flavor, boasting its traditional milk chocolate and nougat, hit shelves nationwide (per The Candy Encyclopedia). With $800,000 in sales the first year, the candy's success was evident, leading to a dark chocolate, vanilla nougat alternative in 1926. In 1936, the chocolate and vanilla version was rebranded as Forever Yours, though it's better known today as Milky Way Midnight.

Since Milky Way's inception, there have been plenty of limited edition variations. According to Food Beast, a Milky Way Marshmallow variety was born in July 2015. The bar consisted of a sweet, gooey caramel layer with a thick marshmallow center in place of nougat. Milky Way often releases seasonal offerings as well, such as the Caramel Apple Minis that were first introduced in the fall of 2012. Next year, a new type of Milky Way is joining the roster, and this one might be here to stay (per Instagram).

The new flavor is set to release in 2023

Over the weekend, Instagram user @markie_devo revealed that a new type of Milky Way is entering the galaxy. The same year as the brand's 100-year-anniversary, it's releasing a Milky Way Cookie Dough Candy Bar that, as is par for the course, will likely have cookie dough in place of its usual nougat. According to the Instagram post, the news of the upcoming product was publicized at a snack expo. The official release date of the flavor is unknown, and a photo of the box shows no "limited edition" label, leaving fans to infer the candy bar may be a permanent edition.

Fans of cookie dough and the Milky Way brand rushed to the comment section to express their excitement. "Omg I need these in my life," one comment read. Another poster wrote, "[I] can't wait for these," along with a heart-eye emoji.

Milky Way isn't the only candy bar integrating cookie dough into its recipe. According to Fansided, Twix released a cookie dough edition earlier this year. "TWIX Cookie Dough is the perfect mashup of two fan favorites — our classic TWIX bar and the nostalgic flavors of cookie dough — all wrapped into one," Mars Wrigley Senior Brand Director Michelle Deignan said at the time of its release.