Starbucks TikTok Is Begging You Not To Order Food 'Double-Toasted'

Known for its wide range of coffee drinks, Starbucks' can be found around almost every corner and seemingly has as many menu items as they do locations. While beverages are what dominate most of the menu, 52 of the best Starbucks drinks are must-tries. However, the chain's food menu full of bagels, sandwiches, and other pastries makes it easy to grab a quick lunch or snack while getting your caffeine boost.

A rapidly growing section of Starbucks' menu, the Chief Marketing Officer of Starbucks, Brady Brewer, reported that not long ago, one in five customers were attaching food items to their order. Now two in five customers are (per Food Business News). 

With the rise of more clientele ordering food, the demand for custom changes to their orders in the same vein of extremely customized drink orders will likely be on the rise. Already feeling the heat (literally), a Starbucks employee took to TikTok to vent about a food request that is more of a hindrance than a hack.

There's a better way to get a toasty sandwich

In a Tiktok posted by v.bertadillo, a Starbucks employee played out her receiving an order for a bacon gouda sandwich. Easy enough until the order asks for it to be double-toasted. With an angry filter on the employee's face, she tosses the sandwich in the toaster and hits the "Quantity 2" button, indicating a double toast. She pulls the sandwich out, and it's blackened to a crisp, clearly overburnt.

Not alone in her dismay at 'double-toasting' food items, TikTokers have left comments on the video sympathizing with her. Apparently, double-toasting a food item from the coffee chain isn't as easy as just toasting it twice. Employees have to keep an eye on the sandwich, and if left to toast for the full length of time, it'll burn. One comment from an assumed Starbucks employee read, "Omg I did that with a plain bagel the other day. It would've been ash if I didn't take it out earlier too!"

Customers left comments saying that they would rather risk their sandwich being burned than frozen in the middle. The original poster of the TikTok responded to a commenter who said that they had gotten frozen bacon gouda sandwiches before with a tip for non-frozen and non-burnt sandwiches, "​​Omg I'm so sorry. Ask for it cooked either open-faced or on the second setting!"

Double toasting your sandwich not being a simple hack isn't the only thing Starbucks doesn't want you to know about their food.