The Spooky Deals Coming To Wendy's This October

The unique, robust, and sometimes cantankerous on social media fast food chain Wendy's has joined in on the October festivities, serving up a few spooky deals in the process.

Wendy's may not be the most prolific food chain in America or the number-one selling burger joint — although per Forbes it's close — but it is the only chain that sells square burger patties (per CNN). And Wendy's patties are really the only square thing about the chain. The brand has a scary amount of confidence rooted in these angular pieces of beef, per Thrillist, often seen on the Wendy's Twitter account as barbed comebacks and roasts. The gingery, pigtail-emblazoned brand is fearless in this regard compared to its competitors on the fast food scene, who also regularly find themselves at the rough end of the food chain's humor (per Agora Pulse).

Be that as it may, the brand has a sweet side to it, we're not just talking about those Frostys — this month, there are several generous and philanthropic deals to take advantage of at Wendy's.

Wendy's charitable approach to October

Perhaps the most popular of Wendy's Halloween deals is its Boo! Books Campaign. If you haven't heard of it, it centers around a coupon book that sells at a dollar each. The book contains five coupons that get the holder one free junior Frosty apiece upon presentation at Wendy's outlets, per Thrillist.

The latter is more than just a profit-driving scheme. The proceeds of the campaign go to a foster care program called the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA), per Wendy's, so not only will the support of this campaign bring smiles to the kids of the DTFA but also your local trick-or-treaters, as the chain suggests buying some coupon books to hand out on Halloween.

Wendy's largesse does not end here; per Quick Service Restaurant Magazine, Wendy's fans who use DoorDash and are DashPass members can have the Wendy's Biggie Bag delivered on DoorDash from October 3 to 30, with a four-dollar discount on the bag if it's part of a purchase totaling $20 or more.