Andrew Zimmern's French Onion Soup Just Broke The Internet

Now that it's fall, it's also finally soup season. Whereas seasonal favorites have made their way back into both restaurants and stores, like Panera's Autumn Squash Soup and Trader Joe's Autumnal Harvest Soup, there's nothing like a heaping bowl of fresh, homemade stew to warm up after a brisk walk during this time of year.

Andrew Zimmern is a big fan of cozy foods, as noted on his website, where he shares all his favorite items that will make the eater feel they're being hugged from within. One example includes his rum bread pudding, which is both sweet and comforting. Zimmern enjoys being a recipe developer, but he has also been inspired by a variety of other chefs. In fact, one particularly beloved recipe is actually the dinner Andrew Zimmern makes most often.

Recently, Zimmern took to Twitter to promote a recipe he learned for french onion soup, which basically is restaurant quality, but can be made at home.

The soup has always been a favorite of Zimmern's

Many are aware of Andrew Zimmern's various gigs over the years, which include everything from working as the host of "Bizarre Foods" to being a budding entrepreneur (via Eater). But he's had to work his way up to holding these high-profile positions. On October 12, Zimmern took to Twitter to talk a bit about one of his jobs in the '90s, long before his days of television stardom. According to Zimmern, he previously worked at a bistro called Cafe Un Deux Trois.

According to Star Tribune, Zimmern held a four-year tenure at the restaurant, before eventually deciding to pursue his television career. However, he did learn some great skills from working at the bistro, including how to make a french onion soup that he calls "the best." In the tweet, Zimmern linked the recipe for the soup, which was on his site

Many people have tried it already, hence the portion in Zimmern's tweet saying that fans caused it to crash before. "I was part of the problem," wrote one user, @A_Loring689. While it doesn't appear that the recipe's page is having a problem at the moment, soup lovers should still run to the celebrity chef's page to sample the soup that Zimmern labeled, "the best onion soup I ever tasted."