The Andrew Zimmern Crossover Show Twitter Wants To See

You might wonder what Andrew Zimmern, the globe-trotting adventurous eater and James Beard award-winning chef has been up to lately. After all, "Bizarre Foods," which saw him try delicacies such as giraffe beetles or coconut tree grubs, aired its last episode in 2018 (per IMDb). But rest assured, Zimmern's still around.

Since the end of his travel series, Zimmern has been keeping plenty busy. You can see him as a judge on Netflix's "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend" alongside Alton Brown and Kristen Kish, according to Tudum. Zimmern also has his own show on the Outdoor network called, "Andrew Zimmern's Wild Game Kitchen," where he cooks wild game and food over an open fire. He's even working with Chip and Joanna Gaines on their Magnolia Network with "Family Dinner with Andrew Zimmern" to explore how region and culture impact what and how American families eat (via Andrew Zimmern).

So what might happen if two well-known travel program hosts get together?

'The crossover show of their dreams'

Basically, Zimmern started it by replying to a tweet about a potential cooking-slash-travel show mashup with Zimmern and actor Stanley Tucci. Zimmern looks to be in favor of the crossover, responding to the tweet with a photo of the two men saying, "it would be a HUGE win for whichever network wants to make the crossover show of their dreams." We happen to agree.

Of course, we all know the actor and host of the eponymous "Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy." His travel and food program was escapist viewing for many of us during the pandemic when we were stuck at home on the couch in our sweatpants. Over the course of two seasons, Tucci visited various regions around Italy to explore the food, culture, and wine, as well as his own family's cultural connections to the country.

Potential crossover ideas were pitched by other Twitter users, too. One user pitched, "'Two Bald Guy's Food Travels' if only there was a motorcycle with a sidecar as there [sic] means of transport." The user also suggested adding James May to the mix, who has his own travel and cooking series on Prime Video (via IMDb).

No word yet on Tucci's reaction or if any networks have taken the bait, but we'll be waiting (and hoping).