Dunkin' Brought Back A Fan-Favorite Coffee That Isn't Pumpkin For Once

Every autumn, people are bombarded with pumpkin spice. It's become a tradition, like political campaigns that go on way too long and the holiday shopping season starting earlier and earlier each year. This trend began sometime in 2003, when Starbucks first released its pumpkin spice latte. Since that storied harvest season, it's been a rush to cram pumpkin spice into cookies, candies, and even ravioli. Fortunately, more brands are dumping the pumpkin seasoning and celebrating other fall flavors.

Even Starbucks has seemingly grown weary of its autumnal offering and has started producing menu items that have nothing to do with the orange gourd. One of the newest items to tickle the taste buds is the Apple Crisp Oatmilk Macchiato, which essentially tastes like caffeinated apple pie in a cup.

Costa coffee has also joined in with its new fall beverage lineup, and it's going in a wholly different direction. Instead of the fruits and spices of fall, Costa has cooked up a hazelnut-maple mixture that splits the difference between being an autumn goodie and a wintertime necessity.

Not to be outdone, Dunkin' is putting out some flavors that are sure to make the season a little more scrumptious.

There's no trick to Dunkin's new peanut butter treat

Rather than joining in the rush to be the next taste of autumn, Dunkin' is going hard after Halloween, specifically. The brand wants to bring the joy of a bag of candy into a cup for grownups who need a sweet java jolt to get their brain firing on all cylinders. To that end, it's bringing back the Peanut Butter Cup Macchiato, a beloved mug of liquid joy that Fansided says has delighted Dunkin' devotees before.

Not only is the taste of the PB cup macchiato a sweet sensation, but it's also built to be photographed. It has a separation of colors, with a chocolaty brown sitting atop a caramel amber reminiscent of a more comforting (and less showy) tequila sunrise, rendered with the colors in reverse. When the drink is consumed, the peanut butter flavor lands first, with the savory espresso adding a bit of bitter to the background.

Because this macchiato is focused on Halloween, expect it to disappear when the pumpkins have been smashed and the turkey trimmings hit store shelves.