This Viral Build-Your-Own Charcuterie Restaurant Is Headed To NYC

Butter boards may be popular and cream cheese boards may be trending, but we need to take a moment to pay homage to the board that started it all: the charcuterie board. A mixture of cheese, cured meats and accoutrements such as jams, fruits, pickles, olives, crackers and more, these boards can be the centerpiece at a party or even just dinner. 

And if you love charcuterie, there's a new restaurant coming to New York City that will make your mouth water. Welcome Kured, a Boston-based charcuterie eatery set on being the "chipotle of charcuterie." 

The brand will open its first New York location in December, located at 218 Thompson Street in Greenwich Village, reports Eater. It will offer a variety of cheeses and an array of sides that will cater to just about any type of palate, owner Morgan Biles noted, and it will be set up as a fast-casual option, a la Chipotle (hence the phrase!). Not only will boards be available, but Kured will also have handheld charcuterie cones that can be customized, too. Fancy cheese on the go? Yes, please.  

Have you heard of Kured?

If you think you may have heard of Kure or may have come across it on one of those nights of endless scrolling through social media, chances are, you're correct. The Beacon Hill-based shop, which opened in June 2021, took social media by storm by posting a video of the charcuterie board assembly processBoston Uncovered reported in July 2021. That's right: A video of gloved hands creating one of Kured's charcuterie boards amassed nearly 60,000 views over the span of a few hours. 

And if that wasn't enough, a second viral video, this time made by food-loving TikToker @danielles_eats, went viral just a few days later. In her video, she was quick to point out that Kured was Boston's first fast-casual charcuterie restaurant.  

Both viral videos are currently unavailable on TikTok, but Kured's Instagram account is chock-full of other charcuterie videos to drool over.