The Han Solo Bread Sculpture Instagram Is Obsessing Over

Who knew bread could moonlight as a building material? As it turns out, many creative minds have used food for construction, and bread is no exception to that. According to Delish, Swiss artist Urs Fischer once constructed an entire house made of numerous loaves and types of bread. The 13-by-13 creation was put on display at La Triennale di Milano in Milan, Italy as part of the World Expo. For preservation and structural purposes, the house was coated in polyurethane and held together with pieces of plywood.

In Singapore, chefs from the Royal Palace on Scotts hotel worked for 549 hours to create a formula one racecar out of bread, per Toxel. The creation required 33 pounds of yeast, 4.5 pounds of salt, more than 3.5 gallons of water, and more than 10 liters of food varnish. Art installations, world records, and sheer creativity are just some of the reasons that bread comes to the forefront of building. This time, it was a contest of this nature that birthed a new, and particularly inventive, version of Han Solo (per Instagram).

A pan-tastic contest entry

On October 8, One House Bakery introduced Pan Solo, a spin-off of Han Solo from the world of "Star Wars" (via Instagram). The photos reveal Han Solo's likeness seemingly trying to escape from a wall. Of course, this depiction of Harrison Ford's legendary character is meant to evoke the character's same position when he is frozen in carbonite in "Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back." Although we doubt the carbonite form of the Star Wars character was nearly as tasty as this looks, the resemblance is undeniably uncanny.

"This is our entry to the Scarecrow Contest @beniciamainst!! Pan Solo has been encased in levainite. I know, we're giant nerds!" the caption began. The bakery enlisted the help of @catherinepervan to create the sculpture of the smuggler out of bread dough. Rather uniquely, the designer chose to construct the control panel of the enclosure out of bread dough as well. "Make sure you give us a vote if you like him!!" the post continued. 

According to Benicia Main Street, the scarecrow contest in which Pan Solo was entered began on October 7 in Benicia, California. Those who live in the area and wish to vote must pick up a paper ballet at an area business or the Benicia Certified Farmers Market. The contest ends on October 23, and by the looks of some Instagram comments, One House Bakery is giving other contestants a run for their money. "You guys come up with the coolest ideas every year!!" one comment read. Another user wrote, "That's sooo cool!! Can't wait to see it!"