How Alex Guarnaschelli Adds 'Personality' To Her Omelets

Omelets are one of those dishes that sound incredibly easy to make in theory — after all, you're just tossing some eggs in a pan, adding in whatever mix-ins your heart desires, and then slightly folding and flipping to get the shape you want. Simple, right? In execution, though, it's far more challenging than you would think to create a perfect omelet, and there are a ton of potential mistakes you might be making.

Perhaps you're getting too overzealous with the toppings, compromising the texture and quality of your omelet because it's too weighed down with all your mix-ins. Even if you stick to a very classic omelet with just eggs and a hint of seasoning, perhaps you're not allowing the pan to heat up enough, or are cooking it for far too long, resulting in a rubbery final product.

Or, maybe you're doing everything right in terms of technique, but you're merely left a bit underwhelmed by the omelets you're plating up. They just don't have enough pizzazz, the seasoning isn't quite right. If that's your primary omelet issue, you may want to check out a tip that Food Network shared on Twitter, in which chef and Food Network personality Alex Guarnaschelli shared how she adds some "personality" to her omelets in a very simple way. Even better, the ingredients she adds are relatively common ones that you may even have on hand already, so you could try out her suggestions the next time you whip up an omelet.

Guarnaschelli's go-to omelet additions

Guarnschelli's omelet addition of choice is documented in her recipe for an Omelet with Fines Herbs (via Food Network), although the versatility of her go-to additions means you could likely incorporate them with whatever omelet variation you want to make.

In order to add some zing to her omelets, Guarnaschelli starts by incorporating a bit of heat with a few drops of hot sauce into her lightly whisked egg mixture. That particular addition is one that many can likely get behind. In a Reddit thread within the /Cooking subreddit, a poster asked for recommendations for everyone's favorite hot sauce to use with eggs, and the simple query received 161 comments with various recommendations that the respondents felt worked best. Guarnaschelli doesn't recommend any particular brand, so you can add whichever hot sauce you prefer — and, she simply suggests adding it to taste, so you can also adjust the amount based on whether you love a ton of spice or just a hint of heat.

Guarnaschelli also adds some depth of flavor to her omelets with a few drops of Worcestershire sauce, also to taste. And, finally, she finishes things off with salt to really enhance all the flavors in the omelet. Simple yet delicious.

And, if you've nailed the flavor but can't quite get the texture right, she has another tip. Guarnaschelli suggests adding a splash of water to your whisked egg mixture in order to get a perfectly fluffy texture.