What A Typical Breakfast Looks Like In Hungary

Do you know much about Hungary? Not many people outside of Europe do. But it could be worth your time to learn a few interesting things about this landlocked European country that's surrounded by many other countries: Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, and even Ukraine. 

Travel Drafts reports that Hungary is famous for its thermal spas and rejuvenating hot springs, impressive castles and churches, the beautiful lake Balaton, and a large number of Olympic medals that Hungarian athletes won at the Olympics. There are also famous inventions, such as the Rubik's cube (per Hey Explorer). 

The gastronomical department doesn't fall far behind — Hungary boasts its Tokaji wines and a variety of high-quality paprika powder, which can be sweet, smoked, or very spicy. Hungarian paprika is used in several local dishes, such as paprikash stew and goulash, a soupy concoction made with meat, vegetables, paprika, and spices. But in the morning, it's too early for goulash and wine.

A typical Hungarian breakfast includes fried bread, pancakes, sandwiches, and pastries

Brunch Bistro Budapest reports that Hungarian cuisine is heavy on meat, paprika, onions, bread, and peppers, so it's no wonder these ingredients found their way into a typical Hungarian breakfast as well. One breakfast favorite in Hungary is made by dipping slices of bread into beaten eggs and then frying the bread in oil. This Hungarian take on French toast is called bundáskenyér, and it's often served with a green salad and a sauce based on sour cream and garlic. Another good option is the Hungarian pancake, called palacsinta, which can be filled with different sauces and ingredients. 

The Culture Trip revealed that a typical Hungarian breakfast is quite hearty and filling, and it might include sandwiches, cold cuts, and cheese spreads. But sweet treats are also common, such as kakaós csiga, a traditional snail-shaped chocolate pastry. 

And TasteAtlas made a list of the most popular Hungarian breakfast foods, which includes búbos rántotta, which looks like a stack of scrambled eggs with additional ingredients such as lard, bacon, milk, paprika, and sour cream. That sounds delicious — if you'd like to live as the Hungarians do, we suggest you start your day with a nourishing Hungarian breakfast.