Antoni Porowski Admitted His Biggest Restaurant Pet Peeve - Exclusive

"Queer Eye" star Antoni Porowski knows what it means to have not only good food but also the right ambiance. As the food and wine expert on the hit series, he shows participants how to give their food habits a makeover with easy and delicious meal options like incredible-looking French-style omelets and spicy tuna poke. Porowski also understands that creating the right atmosphere while you're enjoying a meal is just as important since he's worked in hospitality himself.

While promoting his new cooking competition series "Easy-Bake Battle," he told us in an exclusive interview that working at a restaurant during college was very formative and was one of the most important jobs he's had. "I love that there is the possibility of working up the ladder ... of a busboy, to a runner, to a waiter, to a part-time or full-time manager," Porowski said. "It really taught me how to deal with people." The host also admitted that because of his experience in the industry, he has certain things that bother him when it comes to how people behave while dining out.

He gets frustrated with bad behavior from customers

Having worked his way up from a busboy to a waiter to a sommelier — and then to a manager — Antoni Porowski knows that it's important to treat everyone with kindness. "It's less a misconception, but one of my pet peeves is going to a restaurant and having somebody I'm with be rude to wait-staff and not treating them like they're a human being," he revealed. "That irks me to my core."

In addition to being a matter of basic politeness, this issue is undoubtedly something Porowski has had to deal with himself. He believes working in the service industry taught him a lot of valuable lessons like how to deal with various types of people and personalities. "It helps you hone in on interpersonal skills and when to say something and when to not say something," he said. "I have a lot of compassion and respect for literally anybody who works in the service industry, especially these days."

"Easy-Bake Battle" is available to stream now on Netflix.