Bobby Flay Just Shared His Favorite Family Meal With Rachael Ray

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Bobby Flay is no stranger to "The Rachael Ray Show." He appeared on the show in 2017 for an event the show called "Ray and Flay Day" (via Facebook) to share his take on the ever-trendy avocado toast, adding a poached egg and hot sauce to his version. 

He later returned in August 2021 to show viewers how to make his restaurant-famous scallop recipe, and he also came back in late December of 2021 to teach fans how to make a wintertime favorite: chipotle Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and mushroom-bacon gravy. The latter is a recipe from his cookbook "Beat Bobby Flay," which was named after his hit TV show and includes recipes prepared on the show (via The Rachael Ray Show).

Flay recently returned to "The Rachael Ray Show" to share one of his favorite family meals — one Rachael says her husband, John, would love on game day — from the cookbook he penned with his daughter, Sophie: "Sundays with Sophie" (via The Rachael Ray Show).

Bobby Flay's enchilada casserole is made for Sunday dinners with family

"Sundays with Sophie" hit shelves on October 11 and is already primed to be a family-friendly cookbook staple. According to Amazon, in the book, "Bobby encourages you to cook with the spirit that Sunday brings: meals that include gathering around the table and sharing beautiful, easy-to-create dishes with friends and family. ... These are the heartfelt dishes Bobby cooks for the people he loves." One of those dishes is chicken, mushroom, and kale enchilada casserole, a recipe that Bobby Flay shared with Rachael Ray on a recent episode of her show. 

In the episode, Flay walks Ray through how to make the casserole itself as well as its tomato-red chile sauce, one of two tomato sauces he says he generally keeps stored in his own refrigerator for a number of recipes. "This is one of my favorite Sunday night dishes: stacked corn tortillas layered with shredded chicken, sauteed mushrooms and kale, good melting cheese, and lots of red chile sauce, slowly baked in an oven-to-table casserole. All you need are margaritas to complete the meal," Flay says (via The Rachael Ray Show). 

Notably, Flay also emphasizes that the specific ingredients used for this enchilada casserole can be mixed and matched with other things you have on hand, much like the other recipes in his newest cookbook. Flay says, "If you have it, great. If you don't, it's totally fine." Although we're unsure if we'll be able to match the flavor and efficiency of products made by celebrity chefs like Flay or Ray, you can bet we'll be trying this one out soon enough.