Knott's Berry Farm's Most Unsettling Halloween Snack

Whether you're looking for Halloween entertainment that's safe for the kiddos or that's frightening even for the least-timid of adults, theme parks host some impressive attractions in honor of the autumn holiday. In addition to getting creative in the costumes and decor departments, theme parks have been known to bring a lot of imagination to their Halloween menus. Disney's 2022 Halloween food lineup, for example, includes festive food options like Oogie Boogie Funnel Cake Fries and Vampire Alien Macarons (via Disney Parks Blog). Meanwhile, Universal Studios is whipping up Pizza Skulls filled with pepperoni for its Halloween Horror Nights event (via Pirates and Princesses).

Not to be outdone, Knott's Berry Farm is also serving up some sinister snacks. The Southern California theme park rolled out some intriguing eats as part of its family-friendly Spooky Farm and only-for-the-older-kids Scary Farm filled with "horrifying creatures," according to its website. A number of the menu items have frightening names and fall flavors like the Perilous Pumpkin Cheesecake Funnel Cake and the Creepy Calamari on a Stick, but there's one menu item, in particular, that may make some diners a little jumpy.

There's something special in the gumbo

If Knott's Berry Farm was trying to give its gumbo a leg up, it looks like it hit the mark. According to Food Beast, the garnish game on one dish served at the Wagon Wheel restaurant involves a "visual jump scare." The soup, which may be daunting — or should we say haunting — to some, is a Chicken and Spicy Gumbo topped with Frog Legs. Those legs are served disturbingly as if in mid-leap, sticking straight up in the air, but the presentation shouldn't affect the taste. On YouTube, Ordinary Adventures tested the gumbo after much trepidation, determining that the frog "tastes like chicken" and that the gumbo is "flavorful" with "Cajun spice."

Frog leg fans who want to try out the gumbo will need to hop on over to Knott's Berry Farm sooner than later. According to the park's website, the gumbo is part of Knott's seasonal offerings. The idea for the outlandish look of this seasonal dish was a gift from Knott's Berry Farm's chef Andre Lane, according to Spectrum News 1. As food and beverage director at Knott's Wilf Seymour revealed to Spectrum, the frog leg effect may have not exactly gotten his immediate approval. "We were all like, 'Oh gross,'" he said "But it looks fun and great like that. It kind of creeps people out." If Lane was going for freaky with this one, we think it landed.