Duff Goldman Says This Is The Easiest Thing Ever To Bake

Baking is a contentious undertaking. While some people thoroughly enjoy and thrive at it, others might shudder at the thought. Baking, unlike cooking, is an exact science, and one wrong measurement could mean total disaster. A common mistake people make when baking cookies, for example, is using cold ingredients. Even experienced bakers make mistakes when crafting their confectionaries. Duff Goldman, aka the "Ace of Cakes," is known for creating realistic cakes at his bakery, Charm City Cakes. In fact, his cakes often steal the show on his competition series, "Buddy Vs Duff."

On "Ace of Taste," the master baker shows viewers how to make savory and sweet recipes that he loves to cook at home (per Food Network). According to Insider, Goldman's wife is his cooking muse and one of her favorite recipes is his chocolate babka, which is a sweet yeast dough that is filled with chocolate chips and twisted into a roll. Goldman tweeted to his fans, "Don't fear the babka," and while he breaks down how to master it on his show, it's definitely one of the more complicated sweets to bake. Luckily, the TV host shared a simple homemade baked good that even a novice baker can master.

Goldman suggests giving pita bread a try

According to the seasoned baker, pita bread is the simplest bread to make at home. In an interview with Travel Addict, Duff Goldman says that pita bread can be made as long as you have a cookie sheet and an oven to bake in. He even jokes home cooks could use a wine bottle to roll out the dough if they don't own a rolling pin. Pita is made with only water, flour, and salt, though some pita bread recipes call for yeast to give the bread its puffed, fluffy texture. Once the yeast is bloomed, it's added to the rest of the ingredients and stirred together to form a shaggy dough. The dough is kneaded, then rolled out into individual pitas and baked.

Pita bread is often seen in Mediterranean or Israeli cooking and is eaten in place of sandwich bread or served alongside dips like hummus and tzatziki, according to Souvlakibar. In addition to the bread being easy to make, if it's made with whole wheat flour, it packs a ton of fiber and protein. Pita bread can also easily be transformed into pita chips. To make chips, the cooked pita is seasoned with salt and olive oil, placed on a baking sheet in a hot oven, and baked until crispy.