The Best Drinking Glasses In 2023

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Drinking glasses are a necessity in every home, given that we use them every day to quench our thirst. Even those who can't make a single recipe need to own a cup or two. But because these tools are used so often, certain challenges can arise. Glasses can break, be incompatible with your dishwasher, or have trouble stacking on top of one another in your cabinet and cause a storage nightmare.

To avoid these problems, you must consider many common drinking glass features. For instance, the material is often at the top of many consumers' minds. Whether a cup is made with crystal, tempered glass, glass, or plastic can have a huge impact on how satisfied you are with its use. The second most important feature is how you intend to use that glass. Certain types of glassware are most compatible with specific drinks, like wine, beer, or cocktails, while others are more generic.

When it comes to purchasing glassware, we also recommend considering the number of glasses that come in a set.  You wouldn't want to buy only two water cups, but purchasing a pair of martini glasses is more appropriate. Of course, the design of a glass is also important if you care about its aesthetics. All told, it can be surprising how complicated choosing a drinking glass can get.

How we selected products

To find the best drinking glasses out there, we considered a set's price, material, drink compatibility, and the number of individual pieces. Other functionalities, such as a glass' durability, whether or not it could go in a dishwasher, and how well it could be stacked, were under consideration. Reviews from professionals and customers with verified purchases helped us make our judgments.

For many of the following categories, we first chose what drinking glass shape was desired. These shapes were not limited to alcoholic drinks. As Central Restaurant Products explains, cups can include non-alcoholic uses, such as water glasses, juice glasses, and tumblers. You could even see someone drinking out of a mixing glass (due to its basic shape) or even a goblet if they're trying to show off. For glasses intended for alcoholic drinks, there's even more variety. With all that in mind, these are our picks for the best drinking glasses of 2023.

Best overall drinking glasses

Our overall pick will come as no surprise, as Duralex's Picardie Clear Tumblers have been praised by many happy customers across the web. These glasses are not without some pedigree, too. Consumers typically know Duralex for two main achievements: its invention of tempered glass and the fact that the company typically manufactures its products in France (via Duralex). For these reasons, Duralex's products are widely considered to be both durable and elegant. Not a bad combination, if you ask us.

According to Duralex, its Picardie Tumblers come in various sizes, between roughly three and 18 ounces. We recommend the 12-ounce size for its versatility and popularity. These glasses are stackable, made of tempered glass, can be used with either hot or cold drinks, and are dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Also, they have a simple-yet-satisfying design that looks pretty nice in your kitchen cabinets or on a table.

You can buy a 6-pack of Duralex's 12-ounce Picardie Clear Tumblers on Amazon for $39.50.

Best budget drinking glasses

For a more affordable option, then look no further than Bormioli Rocco's Juice Glasses from the brand's Rock Bar series. On Amazon, you can buy six of these drinking glasses for less than three dollars per glass. Not only are they cheap, but they're made by an experienced and respected brand that's been around since 1825. Today, the Italian company ships its glassware products to over 100 countries. With that sort of reputation, it's clear that you don't necessarily have to sacrifice quality along with cost.

Perfect for smaller servings of juice or other beverages, these thrifty glasses hold roughly 6.75 ounces per cup. They are made with tempered glass, making them durable and resistant to damage. These glasses have a French bistro style that gives them a classic, somewhat vintage appeal.

These juice glasses are popular on Amazon, where over 1,900 reviews come to an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. Not everyone considers these cheap, but many consumers in the online marketplace certainly don't regret purchasing them.

You can buy a 6-pack of Bormioli Rocco's Rock Bar Juice Glasses on Amazon for $21.49.

Best splurge drinking glasses

In the world of glassware, nothing says high-end quite like Baccarat. The French company has a centuries-long history beginning in the 1700s (via Crystal Classics) and its products are made by French craftsmen who train for around 15 years. Each of its drinking glasses is made with high-quality crystal that has the stunning ability to refract light in beautiful ways. However, these are not the sort of durable glasses you'll want to use every day. However, you will certainly want to use them for special occasions.

According to Baccarat, its best-selling clear crystal 12-ounce Harmonie tumblers have a 12.2-ounce capacity per glass. Given that these are tumblers, this is a versatile product that can be used for many different drinks. The straight, parallel lines around the sides of the glass are also lovely to look at.

Since these drinking glasses are so pricey, not many people have bought them, but those who have are happy with the look and experience of drinking from them (via Amazon). With a history as long as Baccarat's, they are not the first individuals to gush over the company's high-quality drinking glasses.

You can buy Baccarat's 12-ounce Harmonie Tumbler on Amazon for $185.

Best durable drinking glasses

US Acrylic's 16-ounce Classic Water Tumblers are known for being practically unbreakable, thanks to its plastic that's made without harmful chemicals, per US Acrylic. These glasses have a thick bottom that mimics glass and a smooth top that's easy to drink out of. Because they are so sturdy, you don't need to be afraid to use them outdoors and let younger kids use them. Since these glasses are made of plastic, if they break, they're unlikely to shatter.

One of US Acrylic's claims to fame is its use of BPA-free plastic, while it's also a fully American company — over 95% of its products are made in Libertyville, Illinois (via US Acrylic). For some users, that makes purchasing drinking glasses from this brand all the more enticing.

Amazon users love these drinking glasses, with over 21,000 reviews receiving an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. One common complaint was that it is difficult to properly clean them in a dishwasher. If you buy these, we recommend washing them by hand.

You can buy a 6-pack of US Acrylic's 16-ounce Classic Water Tumblers on Amazon for $20.

Best stackable drinking glasses

A small kitchen clearly requires stackable drinking glasses. For a great version of space-saving drinkware, try Ball's wide-mouth nesting jars. They come in packs of 12 16-ounce jars. On Amazon, a couple hundred people reviewed this product. On average, they rated Ball's nesting jars a 4.8 out of 5. Individuals appreciated their ability to stack.

According to Ball, each tapered jar saves 30% space, compared to the brand's classic (non-nesting) mason jars. They're also BPA-free, canning-safe, and fit well in most cupholders. Additionally, this set is made in the USA. On the negative side, they might be a little less sturdy than similar cups made out of plastic, since these are made of glass. People especially love these glasses for their vintage vibe, drawing on Ball's long history and classic canning reputation. This large set number makes them great for dinner parties.

You can buy a 12-pack of Ball's 16-ounce wide-mouth nesting jars on Amazon for $26.

Best wine glasses

Wine glasses are a must-have when it comes to specific drinking varieties of wine, be they white, red, or any other sort of wine. As Old House Online explains, the construction of a wine glass enhances the entire experience of drinking a beverage. The stem keeps your body heat from changing the wine's temperature, while the glass' narrow mouth allows you to swirl the drink and so enhances the wine's aroma. For a great wine glass that does these things, we recommend Zwiesel Glas's all-purpose wine glasses.

These Cabernet-style glasses can be used for either whites or reds, have a maximum capacity of 18.2 ounces, are dishwasher-safe, and are made in Germany. They are made of Tritan crystal glass, which, according to Zwiesel Glas, makes the glassware durable and environmentally friendly. 

Over on Amazon, customers love how these glasses look, where over 3,600 reviews come to an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. Many people reserved special appreciation for the high-class appearance and feel of Zwiesel Glas' wine glasses.

You can buy a 6-pack of Zwiesel Glas's all-purpose wine glasses on Amazon for $95.95.

Best stemless wine glasses

If you understand the purpose of a wine glass stem, you may be wondering if stemless wine glasses are a no-no. As VinePair explains, glasses without stems may cause you to lose some of a beverage's nuanced flavor and aroma. But if you are a casual wine drinker who buys cheap wine, then feel free to use a stemless glass. As Love to Know points out, these glassware pieces are less likely to break and also take up less space. For a great set, we recommend Riedel's set of Cabernet and Merlot stemless wine glasses.

While less conventional, these glasses are popular on Amazon, where there are over 4,000 reviews for this Riedel set, which come to an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. People say they're compact and are even sturdy enough to go in the dishwasher. Many reviewers claimed to use these glasses all the time.

The Riedel O Wine tumbler set includes two stemless wine glasses designed in 2004. Recommended for use with reds like merlot and cabernet, the brand claims that "the RIEDEL O Tumbler was the first varietal-specific wine tumbler in history." These glasses are made of crystal and hold about 22 ounces each.

You can buy a 2-pack of the Riedel O Wine Cabernet/Merlot stemless wine glasses on Amazon for $32.16.

Best beer glasses

Things can get complicated when reaching for a beer, as there are at least 15 types of drinking glasses for many of the different brews out there. The classic pint glass is perhaps the most recognizable of the lot. There's the basic, "conical" pint with straight sides, according to Indiana on Tap. Then there's the "nonic" pint glass — the one with the bulge near the top that prevents glass breakage and increases your ability to enjoy a beer's flavor and aroma. For one of the best beer glasses out there, we recommend LUXU's 4-pack of nonic pint glasses.

These classic pint glasses inspired by English pub culture hold 20 ounces of beer and are stackable and durable, so you don't have to be afraid of jamming a bunch in your cabinet. Since they come in a set of four, you can turn to these for small get-togethers or family dinners. As these are made out of standard glass, be aware that they can shatter when dropped.

Amazon reviewers noted that these cups are made with thick, somewhat light glass that left a professional impression. Get these if you want the feeling of going out without actually leaving your house.

You can buy a 4-pack of LUXU's 20-ounce pint glasses on Amazon for $19.98.

Best martini glasses

Martini glasses, known for their sharp, conical shape and long, thin stems, are shaped that way for a reason. As Sipsmith explains, the wide mouth helps the aromas of gin (a key ingredient in most classic martini recipes) to open up. Meanwhile, the stem keeps your hand from warming the cocktail. Since martinis are not served with ice, this sort of distance is necessary to keep your drink cold. A drinking glass that accomplishes all this with ease and style is Riedel's Extreme Martini Glass.

On Amazon, these glasses have been reviewed over 1,100 times, receiving an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Since martini drinkers tend to care about aesthetics, reviews focused on the look of these drinking glasses. 

Riedel's Extreme Martini Glasses are made of crystal, seven inches tall, and hold about 8.2 ounces. These drinking glasses come in a set of two, which is appropriate, given that a martini doesn't have to be a special occasion thing or group activity. Having a two-piece set on hand allows you to quickly whip up a couple of martinis to share.

You can buy Riedel's 2-pack of Extreme Martini Glasses on Amazon for $48.43.

Best Champagne glasses

When you think of Champagne, you probably think of New Year's Eve and the flutes of bubbly enjoyed by partygoers. But according to many drink experts, flutes may be good for creating bubbles, but they're not going to make Champagne taste the best. This is because Champagne is a type of wine that needs a wider mouth for it to open up. Quartz recommends using white wine or coupe glasses. The Wine & Spirit Education Trust suggests a tulip-shaped flute that combines the traditional look of a Champagne flute with the more useful wider shape of a more standard wine glass. For the best of both worlds, check out Luxbe's Tulip-Shaped Champagne glasses.

These glasses come in a four-pack, are made of crystal, hold 10 ounces each, and are dishwasher-safe. Delightful as these are for any Champagne-appropriate occasion, these glasses also work great with other sparkling wines, such as cava or prosecco. Reviewers warned that these glasses were fragile, so the uncoordinated should stay away.

You can buy a 4-pack of Luxbe's 10-ounce champagne glasses on Amazon for $25.

Best highballl glasses

According to Delighted Cooking, highball glasses are often confused with other cocktail vessels, but you should note that they're shorter than Collins glasses and bigger than Delmonico glasses. In reality, it doesn't matter all that much which one of these you choose, as all three will give you a tall, round tumbler appropriate to many different cocktails. For a great highball glass, we recommend Waterford Crystal's 4-pack of Clear HiBall Glasses from their Marquis by Waterford Markham collection.

This drinking glass set comes with four 13-ounce glasses. The Markham collection is a more affordable line from Waterford Crystal. The 200-year-old Irish brand is known for making high-end crystal glasses, making it a luxury company similar to Baccarat.

Possibly due to the more affordable prices within the Markham collection, this highball set is popular on Amazon. Users have reviewed it over 5,000 times, giving it an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

You can buy a 4-pack of Waterford Crystal's Clear HiBall Glasses from the Marquis Markham collection on Amazon for $48.39.

Best lowball glasses

Lowball, rocks, and Old Fashioned glasses are all generally the same thing. As per WebstaurantStore, these are short, wide, and heavy glasses designed to hold cocktails or spirits, along with ice and other ingredients. Per Viski, you can serve an Old Fashioned or a Negroni in one of these glasses, though you can also use them for liquor served neat or on the rocks. For a great lowball glass option, we recommend Anchor Hocking's Manchester rocks glasses.

You can get a 12-piece set of these glasses for an affordable price. Each glass holds 10.5 ounces and is both dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. They're also American-made, given that Anchor Hocking is an American company based in Lancaster, Ohio that has been making glass products for over 100 years. Amazon users called them sturdy enough to give to kids. Because of this, you could also use these glasses for non-alcoholic beverages such as water, juice, or milk, assuming you trust those kids to handle glassware.

You can buy a 12-pack of Anchor Hocking's Manchester rocks glasses on Amazon for $28.

Best drinking glasses for iced coffee

If you use social media, you've probably seen all manner of iced coffee tutorials posted on TikTok or Instagram. In recent iterations of these popular videos, an ice-filled glass sits in the center of the frame. Next, users pour iced coffee, milk, and other ingredients into the clear glass, creating a swirling effect. The best product for making this magic happen yourself (or for just enjoying an iced coffee) is Le'raze's 16-ounce glassware set. With this collection of six glasses, you can add a touch of barista energy to your at-home coffee routine without buying any superfluous pieces seen in other sets, like cumbersome, hard-to-clean straws.

On Amazon, users often rave about these can-shaped glasses. People reviewed the product over 2,600 times, giving it an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5. Many people used them for iced coffee drinks, while plenty of customers appreciated the size and elegant shape of this glassware set in particular.

You can buy a 6-pack of Le'raze's 16-ounce can-shaped glass cups on Amazon for $25.