This May Be Causing Green Spots In Your Dunkin' Coffee

When you swing through a fast-food drive-thru, it's for the ease of obtaining your food and drinks without all the extra work. That's why we pay for it, right? Less time, mess, and stress spent making your own at home. And when it comes to coffee, people don't mess around. According to PR Newswire, 66% of Americans drink coffee daily with as many as 400 million cups consumed every day. With Starbucks and Dunkin' popping up locations on every other street corner throughout the United States, it has never been easier to obtain your caffeine fix any time of the day.

Sometimes though, your coffee doesn't come out right. Sure, mistakes happen and most of the time employees are happy to make you a fresh cup. But sometimes those "mistakes" are hidden and accidental, without the employee or customer ever knowing until it's too late. With the plethora of coffee drink options, flavors, and ingredients available, cross-contamination is a possibility when using the same equipment. If you've ever noticed some weird floating specs in your coffee drink, you're not alone.

Look out for leftover matcha or coolata residue

What would you do if you were happily sipping on your Dunkin' coffee when all of a sudden you notice green flecks floating in your cup? Yeah, that sounds pretty disgusting. According to Reddit, this happened to one customer, and others chimed in on the thread stating the same experience happened to them. "My frozen coffee tasted weird and has weird green lil blobs on the bottom when I really looked I wanna throw up," said the original poster.

But fear not, there seems to be a perfectly good explanation for this. It might have been that the employees didn't clean matcha or a green/blue flavoring out of the blender properly, resulting in leftover residue in the blender. "It looks like matcha that wasn't cleaned out of the blender properly. Like maybe they did a frozen matcha right before, dumped it in that cup then threw together your frozen drink without making sure that the blender was completely rinsed out. We used to have that issue at the Dunkin I worked at because some employees didn't care and I would have to remake frozen drinks," someone commented. "Gonna be real looks like the blue raspberry coolata that stuff is so hard to rinse out the blender during a rush. Plus stains anything a lighter color. I wouldn't worry unless you feel sick or something after drinking it," said another person.

All we can say is, Dunkin', please give a good rinse down of your blenders.