A Trader Joe's Shopper Allegedly Found Cardboard In Their Pumpkin Bisque

People have found some pretty gross things in their store-bought food. There was the time a couple of customers at a Florida Walmart found decomposing bats in their packaged mixed salads (via The Guardian). Or perhaps you're more turned off by the tooth (complete with a silver filling) a Texas woman found in her Milky Way candy bar (via UPI). Maybe the most terrifying is when a Boston man found two black widow spiders — yup, the super poisonous kind — in his bag of grapes from Whole Foods (via UPI).

Another such grocery store that hasn't been immune to having shoppers claim their food has turned out to be less than appealing is Trader Joe's. Redditor u/Pyrez4 took to the platform to note quality control issues, including fermenting apple sauce, moldy fruit, and rotten meat. Another Redditor, u/peachy_green, brings the latest in food issues at Trader Joe's to light, claiming they found something a bit chewier in their pumpkin bisque than they had bargained for.

Soup with a side of cardboard, coming right up!

Reddit u/peachy_green took to the r/traderjoes thread on the platform to share a pic of their jar of Trader Joe's pumpkin bisque alongside a plate with a sizable piece of cardboard on it. Most of us would probably just prefer a slice of bread to dip in our soup. "Just found a whole a** strip of cardboard in the Pumpkin Bisque," they captioned the photo. u/peachy_green wrote in the thread that they had filled out the quality control form on the Trader Joe's website, but were "just sad I can't eat this soup now."

Unfortunately, u/kayemeh had a similar experience, sharing, "I opened mine and there was a layer of mold. Tossed it immediately. Wish I had known about the QC form!" u/MuchHand9563 offered a solution, writing, "Call and let them know. They'll probably refund you and send you a gift card or something." u/bijoudarling also made a suggestion, writing in the thread, "You can also bring it back. They do replace faulty items on the spot. They were kind about it."