Robert Irvine's Advice To Restaurants For Fighting Inflation

The past several years have been difficult for the restaurant industry. From COVID-19 shutdowns to supply chain and staffing shortages, keeping the doors open has been an uphill battle for many different dining establishments. According to the National Restaurant Association, "90% of operators say food costs are higher than they were prior to COVID-19; 8 in 10 say labor costs are higher and costs will likely continue to rise in '22." While those statistics seem bleak, fixing the impossible is something that Robert Irvine knows well.

As the host of "Restaurant: Impossible," Irvine has tried to guide failing restaurants to rediscover their spark. Whether it is communication, efficiency, food costs, or a variety of other factors, the hope is that Irvine can help restaurant owners right the wrongs of the past. According to Reality TV Updates, the show has a 40% overall success rate, meaning that out of 205 restaurants on the show, 82 are still in operation. Whether or not people find that number acceptable, given the current restaurant industry climate, it is still a positive. Now that inflation adds another obstacle to a restaurant's success, the celebrated chef, restaurateur, and businessman is offering some simple advice during difficult times.

Robert Irvine admits it is harder for restaurants to succeed

One of the most important aspects of Food Network's "Restaurant: Impossible" is the fact that Robert Irvine doesn't simply aim to fix the financial problems of the business. Instead, Irvine often spends much of his time counseling business owners about everything from their managerial practices to their food preparation.  

Of course, despite the wide-ranging help he offers to the show's featured clients, Irvine does not carry a magic wand in his back pocket. His methods and advice can turn the bottom line from red to black, but the situation requires all of the pieces to fall into place. Like with any other business, sometimes, the timing just isn't right. Unfortunately, even Irvine himself doesn't seem especially optimistic about today's economy. In fact, Irvine's commentary on a recent "Fox & Friends" segment seemed downright pessimistic.

When asked what restaurants can do amid the current inflation issues, Irvine didn't sugarcoat things. "It's tough no matter what you do," Irvine said. "You've just got to ride out the storm and see what people are looking for." He specifically mentioned that creating affordable and inspiring dishes is key. Balancing ease and cost-effectiveness with the flavors that guests crave is a tall task. Even though Irvine has never been afraid to bring his version of tough love, the reality is that the current economic climate is not sunshine and rainbows. Although it is possible to keep a restaurant afloat, it simply won't be doable without hard work.