Reddit Has Major Questions About A Discontinued Taco Bell Sandwich

Taco Bell is no stranger to trying out daring food items. Foods and drinks like the Doritos Locos Taco, Baja Blast, and the celebrated Mexican Pizza that recently made a comeback, all have cult-like followings. One of the most relevant fast food chains around, Taco Bell has continued to stay at the forefront by constantly innovating its menu and coming up with products to entice social media users (via Thrillist). The constant innovation invariably leads to lots of rotation, and Taco Bell's menu has changed drastically throughout the years. Some items have gone to the wayside, while others have made reappearances.

One Taco Bell item lost to time, the Bell Beefer, has made a resurgence on Reddit. On r/Tacobell user posted a picture of the sloppy joe-esque burger asking, "Was The Bell Beefer Any Good? Should Taco Bell Bring It Back?" According to Greatist, the burger was originally introduced in the mid-1970s, and the Bell Beefer was found on menus until the 1990s. It was essentially a taco in burger form with taco meat, onions, lettuce, and a mild sauce sandwiched between two buns in a sandwich that heavily resembles a sloppy joe. Just like the hard shell tacos with similar ingredients, the sandwich also had a supreme option. Since it's unlike anything on Taco Bell's menu today, Redditors had major opinions on the discontinued sandwich in their responses.

Taco Bell's take on the burger

Some replied with disgust to the original Reddit user's question, with one commenter who said that Taco Bell wasn't "thinking outside the bun with that one." Reminding many of a sloppy joe, Redditors who had never tried the sandwich had questions about the flavor. Luckily, a few commenters were around in the Bell Beefer glory days and fondly remember the sandwich. A commenter who grew up eating the Bell Beefer in the 70s and 80s loved the taco burgers as a kid and clarified the flavor. Although it resembles a sloppy joe in looks, it doesn't in flavor, "people call it a sloppy joe but it's not, it's the taco meat, cheese, tomato, and lettuce. It's honestly great. Very different than anything they currently have, simply by adding a hamburger bun!" 

The menu item was the childhood favorite of more than one commenter. One person who grew up loving the Beefer as a child confirmed that it tastes different than a sloppy joe, but the flavor is "hard to explain without having one though." Beyond Reddit, the Bell Beefer has enough of a fan following that people are petitioning for it to be reinstated on the menu (via Facebook).

Although Taco Bell's burger never took off, we wouldn't rule out a comeback, given the chain's tendency to bring back cult items.