18 Of The Best Flavored Whiskies That Aren't Gross

Every booze drinker's journey with whiskey is different. Some bonafide experts enjoy sipping the spirit on the rocks and noticing the intricacies of different expressions and vintages. Others might only have memories of sucking down well whiskey with a splash of Coca-Cola or taking shots of flavored whiskies like Fireball during a rowdy night out. Regardless of where you land on the spectrum, there is so much to learn and appreciate about whiskey. Sure, the top-shelf stuff that's meant to be enjoyed straight up is one thing. But even the world of flavored whiskey deserves more appreciation than we tend to give it credit. 

Flavored spirits tend to get a bad rap, and it's not for no reason. Whiskey, in particular, can fall victim to having an artificial taste and even become syrupy when flavors are added. Thanks to craft whiskey distillers who like getting creative, there are plenty of top-shelf-worthy flavored whiskeys on the market worth savoring on their own or in a fancy cocktail. 

If this is all news to you, don't fret. The world of flavored whiskeys is an underunderappreciated one. Should you need some inspiration, we've rounded up the best flavored whiskeys that aren't gross. The options range from fruity to spicy to dessert-like, and all are worth giving a try at least once. 

Crown Royal Peach

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is one option that is likely familiar to even nonwhiskey drinkers. Every year, the whisky brand celebrates the end of winter by releasing a peach blend of their classic spirit, and it is a must-try. The liquor is creamy and smooth, with notes of peaches and vanilla shining through. Plus, you get to keep the fun cloth pouch that it comes in (rather than the brand's standard purple, this one's orange), which is just one more excuse to pick up a bottle. 

Crown Royal Peach is one of those spirits that is a great way to get creative with cocktails. You can add it to something involved like sangria or make a peachy version of a whiskey sour with this one, and those are just a few ideas that instantly come to mind. The possibilities are endless.

"Alright, I'm not a big fan of Whiskey (Jack Daniels or Jim Beam) but someone got me to try Crown Royal and I actually liked it," one Influenster review of the bottle reads. "Not a fan [of] 'peach' flavored things so I was really hesitant of this drink. But I was pleasantly surprise[d] ... Great flavor, consistency, and smoothness."

Hotel Tango 'Shmallow Toasted Marshmallow Bourbon

S'mores fans have to get their hands on Hotel Tango's 'Shmallow because this bourbon tastes like a freshly toasted marshmallow with a boozy kick. The folks at Hotel Tango are all about perfection, so every note infused into the bourbon reinforces the idea that you're sitting around a campfire making s'mores. There is plenty of smoke in the bottle and a lot of caramel and toffee to channel that perfect marshmallow flavor. 

Hotel Tango's 'Shmallow is a bottle of bourbon to keep for a round of shots, as even non-bourbon drinkers can't resist a toasted marshmallow nip. Also, it adds a smoky sweetness to familiar cocktails like the Old-Fashioned or bourbon and Coke, so you'll have many mixed drink options with this bottle. The packaging also epitomizes the relaxed, outdoorsy vibes that the drink channels. "Tested some this weekend!! Blown away," one fan wrote on Hotel Tango's Instagram page. 

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey started a movement, even for people who traditionally don't drink brown liquor (via Forbes). The brand expanded the public's minds about what whiskey can be through its unique combination of robust whiskey and sweet and savory peanut butter. It is an easy go-to for shots because it's a crowd-pleaser, and nearly everyone can at least handle one shot. However, you can also dream up countless cocktail recipes with this bottle. For instance,  make a whiskey version of an espresso martini with Skrewball or add it to hot apple cider to create a festive and warm treat. 

There's a reason why Skrewball is probably one of the flavored whiskey bottles you've likely noticed on bar shelves throughout the world — it's insanely popular. "I expected to hate this stuff. But I don't. In fact, I find that a PB&J Old Fashioned made with Skrewball is a great party drink," one Flaviar review of the bottle reads. "Of course, you can't take Skrewball seriously, and it's not meant to be. But if you want a lighthearted, tasty libation, it's well worth having a bottle in your collection."

Southern Tier Pumking

When speaking of festive libations for autumn, Southern Tier has the ultimate expression for pumpkin lovers. Pumking is a pumpkin-flavored whiskey from the brewery that adds to its line of Pumking beers. It tastes like a boozy version of pumpkin pie, as the baking spices from the pumpkin flavor blend perfectly with the warm notes in the whiskey. Like most things labeled "pumpkin spice" flavor, the whiskey channels the complementary flavors of a homemade pumpkin pie, like allspice, cinnamon, and cloves. It doesn't actually taste like a hearty gourd, which is probably a good thing. 

Southern Tier recommends trying out Pumking in exchange for the typical liquor in a creamy whiskey martini or a Moscow mule. If this sounds like a bottle you need to get your hands on, be quick, as it's a seasonal offering in honor of pumpkin spice season from the distillery. "Met all my expectations of delivering the Pumking beer taste to a whiskey. Smooth straight and also mixes well with cola," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review of Pumking whiskey. 

Jameson Orange

Jameson is another familiar brand to barflies, if not due to its taste, then for its recognizable green bottle. Irish whiskey is an even more specific taste than the American version of the spirit (via Whiskey Rebellion Trail), so it may be a liquor you've completely avoided if it isn't your preference. For something a little more palatable to those who aren't all-in on drinking shots of "Jamo," the brand released an orange-flavored version of their traditional whiskey that's a refreshing crowd-pleaser. It doesn't have the intense burn you get from regular Jameson, but the whiskey is still present in the background. 

The orange flavor also doesn't taste artificial, with the essence of fresh citrus permeating the bottle of Jameson Orange from the first smell to the finishing sip. "So glad decided to try this, it's strong but smooth, and the orange taste doesn't taste artificial it taste[s] legit from a fresh squeezed orange," one Drizly customer wrote in a review of the bottle. 

Wild Turkey American Honey Sting

Whiskey distillers know that adding honey to sweeten up spirits is typically a safe way to expand a brand's flavor offerings. It adds a hint of sweetness to mellow out the bottle and makes it more appealing for nonbourbon enthusiasts. Wild Turkey takes their honey whiskey a step further by adding notes of spice for the sweet, spicy, and explosive taste of Wild Turkey American Honey Sting. 

According to the Wild Turkey distillery, this whiskey opts for the punch of ghost peppers, ensuring the spice is definitely prominent. Adding honey helps mellow out that possibly intense spice, so you're not reaching for a glass of water to cool your mouth down after a shot. "Really sweet but that is tempered by the strong pepper. Good for people new to bourbon and sipping from a flask while camping," one Flaviar user described the flavor of American Honey Sting. 

Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon

Knob Creek is a pretty standard Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, but the brand's Smoked Maple Whiskey is a one-of-a-kind treat. As is typical from Knob Creek, it's a small-batch whiskey, though this expression is blended with smoked maple flavors that add sweetness. The vanilla and caramel notes are strong with this one, and a good amount of smoke doesn't overpower the other flavors going on in the bourbon.  

As you might expect from a maple-flavored spirit, this whiskey is on the very sweet side. Bourbon purists will probably not be major fans. However, once you understand what you're getting into, there are so many ways to enjoy it, especially when you want to drink your dessert. "If you're looking for a sweet treat with the alco-content of a bourbon, this does not disappoint. It's like pancakes on a Saturday morning," one Drizly customer wrote in a review of Knob Creek Smoked Maple.

Cask and Crew Ginger Spice

Distilleries tend to use the brand's most basic whiskey expressions in flavored spirits because it acts like a blank canvas for whatever they're trying to add to it. Cask & Crew does things a little differently by taking the pepperiness of a rye whiskey and blending it with aromatic ginger to create the brand's Ginger Spice Whiskey. Unlike the all-too-common sweeter whiskeys, this one is earthy and complex. 

As you might expect, Cask & Crew Ginger Spice is a must-try with a whiskey version of the Moscow mule, but that's just the beginning. The taste of ginger is pretty versatile as well, so you can add this spirit to cocktails that span from fruity to savory, and it will be a complementary match-up. "Not only do my husband and I enjoy this, everyone we served it to does! Serve over ice and enjoy," one Total Wine customer wrote in a bottle review. 

Few Immortal Rye Whiskey

Another one-of-a-kind flavored whiskey for rye whiskey lovers is Few Spirits Immortal Rye. It's also arguably a bottle with the vaguest name that doesn't exactly indicate what flavors you'll be getting inside. Think of it as a pleasant surprise. Few takes its straight rye whiskey and blends it with cold extracted 8 Immortals Oolong tea. The result is a blended whiskey with the delightful herbal notes of tea, sweet flavors of honey, and the fruity flavors of peach and tropical fruit.

Immortal Rye is as unique as it gets. It is one of the flavored options that really should be savored on its own before you start getting too crazy with mixed drinks. That said, it can make a mean tea-infused cocktail. "Great rye, different than any other rye and in a good way," one Master of Malt user wrote in a review. "Great for cocktails too. Recommend it!"

Ballotin Bourbon Ball

Ballotin is the must-try brand for all of your chocolate whiskey needs — whether or not you knew you had those. The lineup is impressive, with as many expressions of chocolate and bourbon as you can imagine, from chocolate mint to caramel turtle. To help you narrow down what to try from their lineup, you can't go wrong with Ballotin Bourbon Ball.

This bottle from Ballotin is inspired by the boozy dessert from Kentucky, which is a cookie that includes nuts, bourbon, and chocolate. Bourbon ball has the sweetness of chocolate and buttercream with a hint of nuttiness and a whole lot of bourbon spice in the background. It's not as boozy as some of the other options on the menu, coming in at 30% ABV, and that also reinforces the idea that it's more of a treat than a stiff drink. "Awesome whiskey. Tastes like dessert in a glass. Definitely recommend," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review. 

Jim Beam Kentucky Fire

Jim Beam is a household name for budget-friendly bourbon, and it's probably recognizable. The brand offers several flavored options of their bourbon, including an alternative to Fireball Cinnamon Whisky that is a little more booze-heavy but still has that spicy heat you're seeking. Jim Beam takes their regular bourbon and mixes it with cinnamon liqueur for a shot that warms you up from the inside out. 

Unlike some other brands, Jim Beam Kentucky Fire is shockingly smooth with no burn afterward, despite the slight heat you'd expect from a cinnamon whiskey with "fire" in the name. It's also a smart pairing with the classic Jim Beam bourbon, and this is a good bottle to give to those who trash-talk flavored whiskey in an attempt to convert others over to the dark (liquor) side. "Tried at least 5 different cinnamon whiskies (cheaper and more expensive). Jim Beam Kentucky Fire is the best," one Drizly customer wrote in a review. 

Traverse City Whiskey Co. American Cherry

Traverse City, Michigan, is known for its delicious cherries, so it's only fitting that Traverse City Whiskey Co. created an American cherry flavor version of its bourbon. Cherry whiskey sounds like it could easily fall victim to tasting artificial and syrupy. However, it's a sweet and tart way to brighten drinks when executed well, as you'll find with Traverse City Whiskey Co.'s expression. The brand uses Montmorency cherries grown on the family farm, and the difference is noticeable. The bottle also has slight notes of vanilla and baking spice, but the cherry flavor reigns supreme. 

Traverse City Whiskey's American Cherry might be a bit too sweet to drink on the rocks, but it makes a fruity addition to an Old-Fashioned, Manhattan, or Boulevardier cocktail. "This bourbon has incredible flavor. Smooth with the deep not too sweet cherry flavor. Great for making Old-Fashioned drinks," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review. 

Duke and Dame Salted Caramel Whiskey

Duke and Dame's Salted Caramel Whiskey looks like liquid gold because it really is the gold standard for flavored whiskies that aren't artificially sweetened. This bottle is much more than just a bourbon mixed with caramel syrup, so it can appeal to a typical whiskey drinker. The flavor profile starts developing in the bourbon, which contains a corn-heavy mash bill resulting in a sweet and robust flavor. 

Duke and Dame's bottle features a blend of different whiskeys to develop a deep taste before the natural salted caramel flavor is added to reinforce the sweetness. It's rich and buttery and has notes of toffee, caramel, and vanilla that you would expect from a sweeter whiskey. "I was never a whiskey drinker until I was introduced to Duke & Dame Salted Caramel Whiskey. The aroma is intoxicating and the flavor lives up to it. It has such a smooth finish unlike most whiskeys," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review. 

Sapling Maple Bourbon

Sapling Bourbon from Saxton River Distillery is all about embracing the spirit of Vermont. And what better way to celebrate the state than by making a bourbon infused with maple syrup that the region is famous for? Sapling Maple Bourbon is the distillery's most popular product because it's distinctly simple, which is what makes it such a novelty. The brand starts out with American bourbon and mixes it with pure Vermont maple syrup that's aged in oak. Seriously, that's it. It's slightly sweet, but the booze at its base is deep all on its own. 

There are so many ways to swap out regular bourbon for this sweeter counterpart, including a maple-infused hot toddy or dark and stormy. It is important to note that Saxton River Distillery uses 100% pure maple syrup in this bottle, so the consistency is a little bit thicker than the average whiskey. "Excellent maple bourbon and maple rye," one Trip Advisor user wrote in a review. 

Bird Dog Honey Jalapeno Whiskey

Bird Dog Whiskey has an impressive lineup of flavors for any flavor palate. Still, the distillery's Jalapeño Honey Whiskey is one that those with adventurous tastebuds have to get their hands on. This option is simultaneously sweet and spicy, which only adds to the appeal.

The distillers were smart to feature honey in the recipe, as it adds a robust earthiness as well as sweetness to the flavor. The jalapeño notes aren't overly spicy, but they do channel the taste of a crisp fresh pepper. It's a crazy combination of opposites — you taste vanilla and vegetables at the same time, for example. Yet, it somehow all blends together perfectly in this amber-colored spirit. "I was quite skeptical when I was first introduced to it because I don't like hot things like jalapeños. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised! I really enjoyed the flavor! Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised too," one Sip Whiskey user wrote in a review. 

Heritage Distilling Co. Cocoa Bomb

Hot chocolate and whiskey is an underrated combination well recognized by Heritage Distilling Co. The brand decided to take the flavor profile up a notch with its Cocoa Bomb Chocolate Whiskey. This chocolate-flavored whiskey has a rich cocoa flavor but also has a hint of marshmallow to up the sweetness and make you feel like you're really indulging in a mug of hot chocolate. 

Chocolate whiskey might not seem like the most versatile flavored whiskey. However, when you mix a shot of Cocoa Bomb into your coffee, hot chocolate, or even in a classic cocktail, you'll be glad you bought a bottle. "This is a great flavored whiskey that is less sweet [than] others on the market. It tastes like bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate and definitely whiskey. I like it as an old fashioned or even just as a pre-game shot," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review of Cocoa Bomb whiskey. 

Revel Stoke Shellshocked Roasted Pecan Whiskey

Revel Stoke Whisky's entire lineup of flavored whiskey is worth trying out as there's distilling some flavors you simply have to taste to imagine. However, if you're trying to narrow down one flavor from their offerings to purchase, look no further than Shellshocked. This roasted pecan whiskey is like a pecan pie in booze form and has a flavor you likely never thought you needed in a whiskey. It distinctly tastes like pecans — not just nondescript nuts or the more often popular peanut butter-flavored whiskeys on the market — and that really makes it stand out from the pack. 

Revel Stoke also adds a hint of caramelized pralines to the bottle, which adds some sweetness to this nutty and earthy flavor profile. "Just had this at a bbq... so smooth... so delicious...and I swore off whiskey years ago! I'm a changed person with this amazing flavored whiskey!! A wonderful aperitif," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review of Revel Stoke Shellshocked Whisky. 

Jack Daniels Tennesse Apple

Jack Daniel's is likely one of the most widely recognized whiskeys on the market, even to people who don't drink. However, the brand's Tennessee Apple whiskey is an underrated gem in the flavored whiskey space. The distillers start with their classic Jack Daniel's No. 7 whiskey and add the flavor of liqueur made with fresh green apples for a sour twist.

This is another simple flavor that's endlessly versatile — any cocktail can have an infusion of crisp apples when you have a bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple on hand. "It's so smooth and compared to other flavored whiskeys similar to this one, the apple doesn't taste too artificial. I've tried the Jim Beam Apple whiskey before and it's just too sweet and artificial tasting," one Influenster user wrote in a review of the bottle. "Not this one, it's smooth going down and you won't need a chaser. Definitely worth the buy."