Uber Eats Short Film Hides $1 Million In Candy So You Don't Run Out This Halloween

If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that you can get just about anything you want or need without having to leave your house. With the rise of delivery services like Instacart, Grubhub, and Uber Eats, it has become almost easier to order what you want and having it delivered that same day rather than getting yourself ready to endure the quirks of society in public. Once Uber acquired Postmates in 2020 — for what we know today as Uber Eats — the company has placed itself as a prime leader as an online food ordering and delivery platform (via Business of Apps). While the first year didn't generate a profit for the company, 2021 served Uber Eats well, generating $8.3 billion in revenue, earning its place as the most-used and popular food delivery service in the world.

The company struggled a bit with some poor ratings earlier this year, but Uber Eats is attempting a strong come-back with its latest spooky-inspired marketing initiative, reminding users that Uber Eats is there to help them score last-minute Halloween candy.

How you can score free Halloween candy

Want to find up to $1 million worth of promo codes for Uber Eats? You're in luck. Ensuring that nobody runs out of Halloween candy this spooky season, Uber Eats has hidden various promo codes in its new horror-inspired, interactive short film, "Don't Run Out." The three-and-a-half-minute film stars Keke Palmer who misplaces her Halloween candy alongside two roommates. No big deal, right? Only until the candy snatchers come for them. 

Thankfully, Uber Eats saves the day, delivering an order of Halloween candy ultra-fast with priority delivery. Watch carefully throughout the film, because it contains 10 hidden promo codes ranging from $10-$500 for a total of $1 million in discounts that can be redeemed at thousands of stores across the United States on Uber Eats (via Uber). Promo codes can be hidden on words, numbers, and objects throughout the film, or even stated in lines by the actors. Users can redeem the promo codes by logging into their Uber Eats account and heading to the promotions section where the codes can then be typed in.