Costco Fans Are Pumped For The Return Of Its Seasonal Egg Nog Wine

Despite being large enough to land a plane in (probably, we're just guessing), the average Costco only stocks about 4,000 products (via Britannica). At the same time, their website stocks more than 10,000 items, including most of those sold in stores (per Rather Be Shopping). So what does that tell you about the items they bother to make in-store space for? Costco must feel that those items are pretty special.

In fact, the Costco inventory strategy is to be hyper-selective about what they actually put out on those seemingly endless shelves. In contrast, a typical Target, while it won't exhaust you the same way pushing an oversized cart around a warehouse will, stocks a positively mind-boggling 80,000 items, according to Reuters. So what makes the cut down to those 4,000 hand-selected few? Often, seasonal goods, surprisingly. Part of the idea behind the 4,000-item plan is to stick to "fast-selling" products, and little moves faster than items with a built-in cut-off like a big holiday or the end of summer (via SEC). Items that don't sell aren't brought back the next year. So a seasonal item that's survived multiple years in the Costco Holiday arena? If you want it, you better go get it, because it's guaranteed to sell out, and fast — like returning champ, Costco's popular Kirkland Signature eggnog wine.

'Nog wine is back for the cooler months

Eggnog wine: Yum or yuck? According to Time, eggnog is traditionally made with brandy or rum, although whiskey has become a popular choice for the creamy holiday drink. But wine, that's a new one, right? Apparently not for die-hard fans of bulk retailer Costco's seasonal selections. The discount warehouse has been bringing eggnog wine to consumers since at least 2019 (via People). It's one of the many Costco food items that have cult followings.

And shoppers are seriously fired up over the beverage, which fans suggest serving over ice (via Reddit). One Redditor even admitted to being on their 12th bottle of the season already. Some of the 13.9% ABV beverage's fans on Instagram also suggest it makes a great coffee creamer, perhaps akin to Starbucks' seasonal eggnog latte. In fact, the drink is so popular that an Instagram fan admitted to buying 12 bottles already as well. No wonder they're moving so fast! At only $8.99 a bottle, it's understandably hard to resist going a little overboard on this sweet seasonal treat. Once you get past that it is, as one Redditor put it, "the wine cooler version" of eggnog. But apparently, fans have nothing but good things to say about the taste once they get past the concept.