The Fast Food Restaurant You Need A Special Security Clearance To Enter

For some people, hitting the drive-thru may not come with a second thought. Whether it is on the drive home or a quick diversion, or just satisfying a particular food craving, that quick bite hits the spot. Still, not every fast-food restaurant is as accessible as others.

Over the years, there have been lists compiling creative, unexpected, and unusual quick service restaurants. From special locales to impressive visual designs, these restaurants could be less about the food served and more about the dining experience. Some of these international locations can even offer a taste of familiar when away from home. Whether it is a Pizza Hut in the shadows of Giza Pyramid or the McDonald's McMansion, sometimes the unique locale makes that first bite even taste better. For some people with a Department of Defense special security clearance, this particular fast-food restaurant is wrapping up a sandwich from the ultimate secret location.

This Subway footlong might require a special military clearance

While the sight of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. might be a well-known visual, the military enclave holds a plethora of secrets. Although the building might be quite secure, it is still an office setting and happens to have perhaps the most secure Subway restaurant in the world. As seen on Destination America, the people who work for the Department of Defense can order their favorite footlong without leaving the building.

According to the video, Subway and the American military have a long history. The classic sub sandwich is an easy option to deploy overseas. With over 300 military installations across the globe, the meatball marinara, classic BMT, or personalization option brings a taste of home to the military personnel who are serving. Given the partnership between Subway and the military, the extension into the Pentagon was a logical choice. 

While the general public may not be able to place an order at this counter, it is an easy food option for those working in the government building. Whether or not there is also a special password required to place an order, this quick service restaurant could be the most exclusive in the world.