Iron Chef's Ming Tsai Has Collaborated With JUST Egg On The New Plant-Based Breakfast Bings

Eggs are such a quintessential breakfast staple, and Ming Tsai just teamed up with the leading plant-based manufacturer JUST EGG to create a vegan twist on a classic, Chinese street dish.

Bing, also known as Chinese flatbread, is dough-based and is often stuffed with scallions (via The Foodie Takes Flight). Though it can be enjoyed throughout the day, bing is known to be a breakfast food, and is perfect to start off any day because it is so easy to carry for on-the-go travel (via That's Mag). One of the reasons why the food item is so popular is due to the fact that it can easily be customized, with people adding in extra meat and sauces to build their ideal breakfast sandwich. 

The "Iron Chef" star, who grew up eating the dish, took this aspect to a whole new, plant-based level when he launched his company, MingBings, in 2020. With various flavors, spanning from buffalo cauliflower to sausage and peppers, there's a bing for everyone to enjoy. But Tsai's company got the chance to grow even more on October 14, 2022, or World Egg Day, thanks to his new partnership.

Ming Tsai's business is expanding to breakfast

MingBings has expanded to include breakfast bings, which feature JUST Egg ingredients in each of its newest four flavors — sausage, egg, and cheese; egg and cheese; chorizo, egg, and cheese; and veggie, egg, and cheese, according to a press release. With bings often being enjoyed for breakfast, it makes sense why the celebrity chef would expand his business to cover the "most important meal of the day."

By featuring JUST Egg in their formulas, these Breakfast Bings are a great source of protein and contain no cholesterol (via PR Newswire). The celebrity chef's desire to make nutritious, plant-based bings is extremely sentimental. Tsai's wife, Polly, had a lung cancer diagnosis in October 2017. As a result, Tsai launched MingBings with the goal of aiding cancer research initiatives (via HollywoodMask). Thankfully, Polly has since been treated and is staying strong, but Tsai continues that mission. 

On the MingBings website, the celebrity chef expressed his newfound quest to make delicious plant-based food accessible, and that is exactly what he is doing with Breakfast Bings. In October, Tsai tabled his new product at the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival. Breakfast Bings will be distributed in retailers nationwide starting in November.