The Rarest Cheese You Can Find At Whole Foods

When you think of cheese, you likely know the basics: Swiss, cheddar, American, provolone ... but did you know there are some cheeses that can only be found in specific places around the world? The most expensive cheese in the world is Pule — a donkey cheese that's only made in Serbia's Zasavica Special Nature Reserve (per Chef's Pencil). Priced at $600 per pound, it requires six and a half gallons of donkey milk per kilogram to produce. Moose cheese is another rare find, as it's created at The Elk House in Sweden using only three specific moose. This type clocks in at $500 per pound.

So, why exactly is luxury cheese so expensive? According to Restaurantware, the price is higher when the mammal in question is more difficult to raise. The more luxurious the cheese, the more tedious or burdensome the process, as these farmers are typically more serious when it comes to quality. If the thought of traveling overseas to test out a rare cheese disappoints you, you can rest easy. Cheese lovers can also pick up at least one variety at Whole Foods without stepping foot outside the United States (via Instagram).

Only 2 producers are left in the world

Though this specific cheese hails from England, you can find it right here at your local Whole Foods (per Instagram). It's called Keen's Cheddar, and only two producers in the world create it. In an Instagram video, Joey, a certified cheese professional from the American Cheese Society, shows off the dairy while suggesting top-notch pairings. He recommends mingling parmesan and olives on a charcuterie board, and he suggests serving Thomasville Tomme with Bonnie's Jam's Bourbon Berry Jam.

According to, Keen's Cheddar has been produced at Moorhayes Farm since 1898. Derived from grass-fed cows, it has a savory, sharp flavor with a creamy texture. The recipe calls for 16 to 18 months of aging and three days of pressing and bathing. It's a hard artisan cheese with a rich aroma and a "pale yellow" appearance.

Those who have tried Keen's Cheddar left Instagram comments that line up with Joey's thoughts. "KEENS IS THE BOMB! As is JOEY!" one comment read. Another person wrote, "So many great tips, Joey." Those interested can find a nearby Whole Foods using its store locator.