The Cracker Barrel Store Gadget That Seriously Impressed TikTok

Since its humble beginnings, Cracker Barrel's store has been as authentic as they come. Per Country Living, founder Dan Evins called upon antique-shop owners Don and Kathleen Singleton to help decorate the store in a country manner no matter where it was located. No duplications are hung on the walls, so every item you see has pretty much been ripped straight out of the history books. Each time you step into a Cracker Barrel, you're greeted with items for sale long before you reach the host stand. Along with toys, apparel, and candy, there are also seasonal items that change depending on the upcoming holiday. These items are also available for purchase on the company's website.

Cracker Barrel is known for selling novelty toys, such as the Fisher-Price Classic Chatter Telephone, a Jumbo Jacks Game, and an original Retro Lite-Brite. Though many of these items are predictable, a TikTok user was quite impressed when they came across a "Star Wars"-related item at their local Cracker Barrel.

It detailed the entire Mandalorian story

TikTok user @hurricaneblitz4 posted a video last month detailing an item they found in the Cracker Barrel store. "We gonna see the whole story of ["Star Wars" spinoff "The Mandalorian"] right here," they said. The toy was a spinning gadget that revealed each part of the classic show, and the images appeared in lights with a simple push of a button. The OP seemed seriously impressed with the item, as were the TikTok users who appeared in the comments. "That is one of the coolest things I've seen for less than $20," one comment read. Other comments included, "How is this possible?" and "I need this so bad." Even Cracker Barrel itself replied: "Your voiceover made it even better," they wrote.

Along with the spinning toy, Cracker Barrel has a few other Star Wars-related items. They include a Tervis Star Wars Darth Empire Tumbler, a Star Wars Pancake Skillet Set, and a Star Wars: This Way to the Gifts Short Sleeve Tee. These can all be found on its website.