Duff Goldman's 'Guilty Pleasure' Food Is A Meatball Sub

Duff Goldman hails from a pedigree of creatives and has a long list of accomplishments (via The Jerusalem Post) with a collection of skill sets that sets him apart from the average Joe. For instance, Goldman made forays into punk rock, and graffiti and has even published three books. But the fact that he hails from a town named after food (Sandwich, Massachusetts), according to E! Online, and picked up a cleaver for the first time at the age of four (via Food Network), were probably subliminal clues to his destiny.

When it comes to outlook on food, Goldman is best defined by the philosophy of living one's life without making it other people's business. For instance, he doesn't believe in sharing one's culinary identity on a regular basis as seen by his remarks on specialized dietary requirements via Twitter. With this in mind, we make his favorite food our business. (We promise to be nice).

Goldman may be known for his bakery skills at Charm City Cakes (via CIA Chef), but his favorite foods are very much savory. He has an affinity for food items like McDonald's fries, per The Outlet (via E! Online), and course Sheetz meatball subs (via MSN).

Others love the meatball sub too

We know that meatballs are to Duff Goldman what acorns are to Scrat from "Ice Age." As a testimony to this, Goldman even added it to his wedding cake, per Martha Stewart Weddings. The confectionary anomaly in question had four layers. It also consisted of meatloaf, lamb shawarma, and Pennsylvania Scrapple. Cake, you say.

As the adage goes, "There is no accounting for taste." But we will still attempt to understand just why it is meatballs – specifically those from Sheetz, according to MSN. However, Goldman is not the only one who is stir-crazy about them. Twitter users also shared their affection fo the meal. 'Family,' like I won't eat 4 meatball subs in one sitting," one user wrote in response to a 2020 Twitter advert by Sheetz, promoting "Family Meal Bundlez" (with four meatball subs and fries).

Where is the guilt in this pleasure? Right here. It is highly processed food that provides more than a third of the required daily sodium percentage and contains 50% of the recommended saturated fats in a single serving, per Fooducate. Whether these statistics are known or not, the latter has never deterred fans. "The best meatball sub," says a Trip Advisor review from 2017. Perhaps the selling point is the fact that Sheetz makes them fresh.