Logan Paul's New Energy Drink Release Sees Teens Swarm UK Stores

If there's one thing that teens love, it's energy drinks. Whether they're chugging cans of Bang Energy with their pals like a scene from some grunge '90s movie or powering back some Monster Energy to get up for high school, teenagers seem to have a deep love affair with all things carbonated, energized, and fizzy. According to a study in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 41% of American teens surveyed in 2018 consumed energy drinks in the previous three months — an impressive number to say the least.

Of course, a large part of why teens love energy drinks can be traced to those who market them and the lifestyles they sell. Reuters reported that manufacturers had begun to increase mass advertising toward teenagers, with teens hearing an astounding 46% more radio advertisements for the drinks than adults in 2010. Some groups and concerned individuals, such as one former energy drink addict who survived a heart attack (via The New York Post), have attempted to regulate or outright ban the sale of energy drinks to minors. Still, teens in both America and the United Kingdom continue to enjoy cans of cold caffeine.

The addictive nature of energy drinks, alongside the in-your-face "x-treme" nature of its advertisements, seems to play well when combined with social media. In the U.K. teenagers are clearing shops and convenience stores of an energy drink promoted by YouTuber Logan Paul.

Teens flooded stores to grab Prime energy drinks

According to Supplement Mart, Prime contains water, coconut water, natural flavoring, and vitamins, and is the product of YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI. The product description labels it as a hydration drink and caffeine is not listed as an ingredient. Despite the simplicity of the drink, it seems that teenagers couldn't wait to get their hands on a bottle. The Sun reports that young people stood in line for hours outside of a superstore waiting for a delivery of Prime. Demand for the drink is so high that some people lucky enough to get a few bottles in all the chaos are now selling the drinks on eBay.

The Twitter page Prime Tracker UK, a profile designed to help customers find shipments of the energy drink, detailed how a mob of young people broke into a fight over the energy drink, noting that it's "kill or be killed." Some stores have taken a stand against the rush of teens mobbing the store, with one demanding that any young person must be with a parent or guardian after a certain time (via Twitter). 

This isn't the first time energy drinks have made people go crazy in supermarkets. FOX 5 Vegas reported back in July that a couple was chased by Las Vegas police after stealing from a convenience store — all because of a supposed Red Bull addiction.